Translation of dribble in Spanish:


babear, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdrɪbəl/ /ˈdrɪb(ə)l/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    he dribbles se le cae la baba
    • Stripes snaked down his body, yellowy eyes stared back at both warriors, orange fur bristled in the heat, and sharp canines dribbled with saliva.
    • His mouth dribbled at the thought of the human food; though it lacked the piquancy of live prey, it had strangely appetizing flavours.
    • And, for a number of babies, this can make them a little irritable, more inclined to wake up crying at night, more liable to drool and dribble, and need more soothing and comfort.
    • He had dribbled in his sleep, saliva running down his chin.
  • 2

    • He had to use a hockey stick to dribble a ball round some cones.
    • That, of course, was exactly my plan, and I pushed past him, dribbling the ball down the field before scoring after many failed attempts at stealing the ball on his part.
    • Charging past him, she dribbled the ball with one hand, to get a shot in at the three-point line.
    • You'll have to step up the hill, in a motion similar to dribbling a soccer ball from foot to foot.
    • It was a relay event in which a group of basketball players dribble the ball for a short distance, where another group of players takes over, and the relay continues.
    • Non-competitive stuff can be just as fun and as good for you as dribbling a soccer ball down the field.
    • If you're dribbling the ball 10 times, it's going to take 30 minutes to shoot 100 free throws.
    • Back then you dribbled the ball, now you carry it.
    • He dribbled the ball all the way home every night and slept with it.
    • I could never dribble the ball, but I was always basically a coach on the floor.
    • One odd note: he doesn't dribble the ball at the foul line.
    • Sometimes he would dribble the ball 10 times before he would shoot, ignoring open teammates.
    • They couldn't dribble the ball and move, and they had particular roles that they had to play on court.
    • You want to try to make the point guard dribble the ball at least three or four times.
    • Midfielder Craig Smith tried to dribble the ball in an area that invited danger.
    • He dribbled the ball down the street towards the goal.
    • He was dribbling slowly down the court, looking for the right person to pass to.
    • He dribbled it slowly, before crouching in his normal stance.
    • It was a superb solo effort from midfielder Jo Martin, who dribbled her way through the defence and beat the keeper.
    • You don't have to try to dribble round ten players, and when players understand that, that's when they really do it well.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to dribble saliva babear
    • she was dribbling milk le chorreaba la leche por la boca
    • dribble melted chocolate over the cake decorar el pastel con chorritos de chocolate fundido
  • 2

    he dribbled the ball past / around a defender dribló / dribleó / regateó a un defensa


  • 1

    • 1.1(saliva)

      baba feminine
      • With a stretch, a yawn and a scratch, he adjusted his position and returned to sleep, a spot of dribble suspended from his mouth.
      • I had a bit of a snooze and woke up with dribble all down my shirt.
      • Man, where are the tissues when you need them - there was dribble everywhere.
      • Your users are so feeble minded you're lucky they can manage a keyboard without filling it with dribble.
      • Evan sat in a little corner bored, watching the two babies communicate in their funny language of popping bubbles of dribble, giggling and laughter.

    • 1.2(of running liquid)

      chorrito masculine
      hilo masculine
      there's only a dribble left queda solo una gota / un poquito
      • Once an emulsion has begun to form, you can increase the dribble to a thin, slow stream.
      • With thick dribbles of paint streaming down the canvases, a certain symmetry is achieved.
      • A dribble of blood trickled from the corner of his mouth as he fought to find enough force to speak.
      • He paced the maze of corridors to the small conference room and burst into the room with a dribble of sweat trickling down his forehead.
      • Compared to many places in the world, our level of refugees is not so much a tide as a dribble.
      • I wiped a dribble of blood from my lip and saw that the kid's lip was bleeding as well.
      • Design a tie whose pattern is made up of faithfully reproduced egg-yolk blobs, tomato sauce splashes, spaghetti-spills and dribbles of chocolate sauce, so that the real thing will never be noticed.
      • Foley said there was a lovely supply of water at the Lower Stream which is now reduced to a dribble.
      • A small dribble of blood ran form the corner of his mouth.
      • He felt a sting, and the familiar dribble of blood over his fingers.
      • A small dribble of dressing dripped down his pale chin.
      • What was it, exactly, about the thin red dribble on top of the sloshy substance which was supposed to make it instantly more alluring?
      • Over the next two days, I have managed to head south-west at last, but ominously, my water maker has become very flaky and after stripping and cleaning it for four hours, I can generate no more than a dribble.
      • A paraplegic man has been left high and dry after water pressure was reduced leaving his power shower producing little more than a dribble.
      • He was diagnosed as having an enlarged prostate, which was preventing him relieving himself properly so he could only force a dribble out each time he went.
      • For the waterfall fan there was a six-foot dribble, and a good walk finished in dappled sunlight and the hum of large hoverflies.
      • A dribble of saliva clung to his chin, but he didn't seem to mind.
      • I'm willing to bet that the same person is responsible for putting the milk back in the fridge with mere dribble at the bottom of the bottle.
      • A dribble of ketchup slide down her chin and threatened to stain her t-shirt, but she scooped it up just in time.
      • The best part was the rich, soothing dribble of olive oil and sprinkling of salt that gave the dairy some flavour.

  • 2

    dribling masculine
    regateo masculine
    • He is taking the ball to the basket aggressively and making plays off the dribble for his teammates.
    • While he makes certain rookie ball-handling mistakes, he also shows a low dribble and ball control that lets him get to the hoop against tough defense.
    • He's an awesome athlete, knows how to play above the rim, and can take any Power Forward off the dribble.
    • If a player couldn't use the side of the ball to accelerate his dribble, we might never see another layup.
    • He is a good midrange shooter, runs the floor extremely well and can heat power forwards off the dribble.
    • At the same time, fake the dribble by bringing the ball down outside your knee.
    • He comfortably shot-fakes, advances the ball with a quick dribble and pulls up for 15-foot jumpers.
    • It also plays down his weaknesses - ballhandling, creating off the dribble, facing the basket and perimeter shooting.
    • The club hopes he brings increased accuracy from the perimeter as well as the quickness and ability to make plays off the dribble.
    • This guy has the whole package: quickness, explosiveness off the dribble, shooting range and creativity.
    • He'll have to do the one thing he seemed most afraid to do in the past two years: attack the basket on the dribble.
    • He can score from the inside or the outside, has the ability to handle the basketball and take players off the dribble.
    • In one recent game, he had more than 35 touches yet managed to take his dribble into the paint twice.
    • The defender must make dribbles, passes, or shots difficult.
    • He also can score off the dribble, and that will be a boost to the interior offense.
    • Under the college rules, the Howardites were allowed to dribble around the court and, as in today's game, shoot at will.
    • He scored the goal that his play deserved with five minutes left as he finished off a fine dribble through the stretched Strand rearguard.
    • The dribbles, the drives, the slam dunks just don't seem the same.
    • They'd wow fans with fancy dribbles, swift crossovers and slam dunks well above the rim.
    • He did not show any early nerves, scampering off down the left and deceiving Alen Orman not once, but twice with a teasing dribble.