Traducción de driftwood en español:


Pronunciación /ˈdrɪf(t)wʊd/ /ˈdrɪftwʊd/


  • 1

    madera, tablas etc que flotan en el mar a la deriva o que arrastra el mar hasta la playa
    • Not much of it has been at sea for long - not real good mantelpiece driftwood, more like firewood driftwood.
    • Jess was reeling in a piece of driftwood covered in a bit of seaweed.
    • But all he had were some notes he'd made, which described finding the man lying like a piece of driftwood on the beach.
    • In the hall there is a marvellous wood feature, carved out of a piece of driftwood that came down the river.
    • Tom poked at the edge of the fire with a piece of driftwood.
    • She sat down on a piece of driftwood that sat on the beach, and looked out to sea.
    • Her painting was predominantly abstract, and her sculpture often made use of found items such as pieces of driftwood, which she used in painted constructions.
    • Props are many and various, including statues, pieces of driftwood, rusty farm tools, wind chimes, etc.
    • They are often seen perched on fence posts or pieces of driftwood.
    • Males construct a shallow scrape nest on open, bare ground, sometimes near a clump of grass or piece of driftwood.
    • Opposite the gallery desk was an enormous piece of bleached driftwood.
    • Finally she rose from the piece of driftwood and walked away down the ledge, offering no explanation to the others.
    • She looks back as she crests the mound of sand, and sees the crazy man standing shin-deep in the sea, holding a piece of driftwood.
    • I picked up a piece of driftwood and did the same, yelling for no reason, kicking the sand and flinging it about.
    • Maybe there would even be a few pieces of decent driftwood.
    • Small waves lapped against the shore, a quick and steady pulse carrying pieces of driftwood and a few leaves.
    • A piece of dancing driftwood caught his attention and his eyes followed it down the current.
    • There's all this driftwood everywhere that's been washed ashore by the storms.
    • He saw deep tire tracks in the sand, with wood chips and a few scraps of driftwood littering the beach.
    • The ocean would rush away, leaving the sandy beach full of crabs and clams, seaweed and driftwood, shells and stones.