Traducción de drinkable en Español:


potable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdrɪŋkəb(ə)l/ /ˈdrɪŋkəbl/

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    (water) potable
    a fairly drinkable red un tinto bastante aceptable
    • this is not drinkable! ¡esto no se puede beber!
    • In rural areas, few people have access to drinkable water.
    • I keep thinking how lucky we are to have clean drinkable water come out of the tap.
    • Each day, 50 million additional gallons of treated, drinkable water are being pumped to the Baghdad residents.
    • The city did not have drinkable water for five weeks.
    • In restaurants, I think it is pretty sure to assume the water in the glass is drinkable.
    • White House reporters will surely have been relieved to learn that Canberra's tap water is drinkable.
    • Within 24 hours, we had drinkable water.
    • A purification process then makes the water drinkable.
    • You didn't have to carry water because the water in the bush was drinkable.
    • Experts say the water there is much cleaner and could provide 3 million cubic metres of drinkable water.
    • The soil was moist, but there was no drinkable water.
    • And you can even dispense with bottled water - the Pelion water is renowned for its purity and perfectly drinkable.
    • It should be a clear, clean and drinkable water.
    • The thing is that although Sinai is surrounded by beautiful water, barely any of the water on the peninsula is drinkable.
    • All the water, brought in by trucks, is contaminated and must be boiled to make it drinkable.
    • The main priorities will be ensuring adequate shelter, access to health care, drinkable water and measures to control the spread of disease.
    • River water, incidentally, is even drinkable today after a good boil.
    • There's no drinkable water and little if any electricity here, and no plan yet for restoring the neighborhood.
    • Drinkable water was available to about 65 percent of households in 1990, and 20 percent of households had a refrigerator.
    • The water of the lake is a mixture of karst water, which is drinkable, and a little salty seawater from the nearby Mediterranean Sea.