Translation of drinking water in Spanish:

drinking water

agua potable, n.


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    (with masculine article in the singular) agua potable feminine
    • In an age of murky drinking water, carefully made white wine was valued for its clarity.
    • Overlaid on this general picture is the pattern of special commercially available drinking water.
    • There is the cost of cleaning chemical pollution from our drinking water.
    • Women and children have to walk up to half a mile to draw drinking water from a water source.
    • There is no drinking water because wells and water supplies have been flooded by seawater.
    • It shows how to cultivate vegetables in poor soil and produce drinking water from sea water.
    • Without any surface water, drinking water had to be carted from wells sunk on the beach.
    • Water used for this purpose must be drinking water or clean seawater.
    • His drinking water comes from a nearby water tower by means of a simple pipe, and his foul waste drops into the Thames itself.
    • As many people used river water as their source of drinking water, the disease spread with ease.
    • We offered to supply her with bottles of drinking water if she was still not happy using water from the tap.
    • It was also used for watering the flowers in the churchyard, and for drinking water.
    • Unlike some resorts in other parts of the world, drinking water and hot beverages are free.
    • Also, remember that it is better to drink dirty water than to go without drinking water all.
    • I searched far and wide but could not find a single drop of water, not even boiled drinking water.
    • The saving grace is that the Zoo's drinking water comes from the piped water supply.
    • But I wonder how many readers know or care about the demise of free drinking water in many of our schools.
    • More than 1.5 million litres of fresh drinking water were delivered to the local population.
    • The rainy seasons have been disastrous, to the point where there are serious shortages of drinking water.
    • The greatest immediate threat is always lack of adequate drinking water.