Translation of drip-dry in Spanish:


de lava y pon, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdrɪp ˈˌdraɪ/ /ˌdrɪpˈdrʌɪ/


  • 1

    (fabric/garment) de lava y pon
    (fabric/garment) de lavar y poner
    (fabric/garment) lavilisto River Plate Trademark
    drip-dry no retorcer
    • All eight pairs of underpants, four shirts, four string vests and three drip-dry slacks were burned to ash.
    • It's enough to make you head off, sobbing, to buy a pair of Marks & Spencer stay-pressed slacks in easy-care drip-dry nylon.
    • ‘Our bodies are drip-dry,’ says Wendy Bumgardner, Portland, Ore.-based marathon coach and walking columnist.
    • ‘Oh, mate…’ I commented out loud. ‘That must've been drip-dry only.’
    • How fine it is to kick hooves in the air, stay unsunburned in the sun, wear drip-dry brown fur!

intransitive verb drip-dries, drip-drying, drip-dried

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    hang it out to drip-dry cuélguelo mojado y déjelo escurrir
    • Hang one or two racks in a mud room or laundry room, and let shoes and garments drip-dry.
    • Apart from anything else, I wore the latter in the Jacuzzi this afternoon and it's still drip-drying in my shower.
    • In no time, he had the whole outfit draped over the shower curtain rod to drip-dry.