Hay 2 traducciones principales de dripping en español

: dripping1dripping2


Pronunciación /ˈdrɪpɪŋ/


  • 1

    grasa de carne asada que se suele untar en el pan
    • Mash the vegetables with the butter or dripping, add salt and pepper to taste and stir in the chives.
    • I still carry around a hankering for bread and dripping, steamed pudding, and sweet macaroni, but I know they will do me no good, so I avoid them.
    • Heat the butter or dripping in a frying pan, add the cakes and cook them gently for about five minutes on each side until golden and crisp.
    • I'm supposed to be chained to my desk, living off bread and dripping, writing a radio play that is long overdue.
    • It adopts many sorts of fat, including lard, butter, goose fat, or roast dripping.
    • The traditional method of cooking chips in dripping has long gone in favour of healthier vegetable oil.
    • This is the annual high point for miners from around here who eat bread and dripping all year round to buy a ticket for this.
    • People will be coming in 1940s costume and a special wartime menu of pie and peas and bread and dripping will be served.
    • British folk brought with it associations of pubs with bread and dripping on the bar.
    • Money and food were a problem and often they would not have much to eat apart from bread and dripping.
    • And sometimes turkeys will give you a really rich looking dripping.
    • The base is bacon drippings, sliced white onions, corn, fresh corn from the cob.

Hay 2 traducciones principales de dripping en español

: dripping1dripping2


empapado, adj.


  • 1

    to be dripping wet estar chorreando / empapado
    • my hair's still dripping wet todavía tengo el pelo chorreando / empapado
    • And by the time the show ended, we were all soaked and dripping wet.
    • Yesterday I was sitting in a café, drinking coffee, and two young girls - just like we used to be - wandered in dripping wet from the rain.
    • I took a very quick shower and got out in time to slip a towel around my body and dash, dripping wet, back into the kitchen to pull my food out of the fryer.
    • He turned around and saw Maura standing outside, dripping wet from the rain that had forced him inside.
    • Alfred was caught, still dripping wet and not able to find towel or clothes until I managed to search out our small torch.
    • He walked up slowly to her and just stood there, dripping wet from the rain.
    • By the time they stopped on the sidewalk in front of her house, they were both soaked to the bone and dripping wet.
    • I was still dripping wet when we got back to the house.
    • Hundreds of New Year partygoers were evacuated dripping wet from one of Manchester's top bars after the sprinkler system was set off.
    • It was only when it was all over and the crowd disentangled that I realised my t-shirt and jeans were dripping wet.
    • He wore a black jacket, smart trousers and a tie, all dripping wet.
    • His suit and tie were dripping wet and he wouldn't say a word despite his agitation.
    • Just as I exited the shower, dripping wet, there was an unearthly commotion from somewhere close by.
    • Just last week one of his little chums did a spectacular swan dive into the school pond which left him dripping wet from head to toe.
    • Darren stood in the doorway, dripping wet from the heavy rain.
    • He got out of the pool, dripping wet, and stood next to me.
    • I probably sat there for a while because next thing I knew Jessica was standing in front of me, blocking the sun out of my eyes, dripping wet.
    • The boy just stood there, dripping wet, and looking surprised.
    • Remember, you only want the weeds damp and not dripping wet.
    • The face was pale, with long, dripping wet grey hair, around it.