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Pronunciación /ˈdraɪ ˌvɪn/ /ˈdrʌɪvɪn/

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    drive-in bank autobanco
    • These eateries convert into drive-in restaurants at night.
    • Many new features appeared on the landscape such as drive-in cinemas, service stations and shopping malls.
    • News that York is to become home to Britain's first drive-in cinema was welcomed by local people today.
    • It also has a drive-in facility with a capacity for 50 cars.
    • Dating in the city of Nairobi may involve outings to nightclubs, restaurants, movie theaters, malls, and drive-in movie theaters.
    • Years later, when I was in high school, I would borrow the old family Chevrolet and take my girlfriend to the drive-in theatre.
    • A spokesman for Asda said the store will be the first in the world to have a drive-in cinema, and even its parent company in America - Walmart - does not have one.
    • Then I remembered the drive-in theatre screen.
    • They headed to the closest drive-in restaurant.
    • For a change of pace, orange frosties can be slurped at the Varsity, the largest drive-in restaurant in the world.
    • Well when I was married, on my honeymoon we went on a Friday or Saturday night to a drive-in theatre.
    • Other farmers look out, see earth, and perceive many different possibilities - from farming, to owning land, to building drive-in theaters.
    • Also included are various advertisements that were common to drive-in theaters, and some of these are downright hilarious.
    • We eventually stopped at a little all night drive-in movie theater.
    • The best part about Sidney's drive-in theater is that about five years ago a really big storm hit and blew half of the screen down.
    • From the drive-in theater to telephone dating to Internet-based auctions, innovation has been a principal driver of consumer adoption of a new technology.
    • America invented the drive-in restaurant and the drive-in bank.
    • Only yesterday, the last drive-in theater closed in Vancouver.
    • They attended parties together, went to the drive-in theater.
    • She also helped out at the drive-in movie theater run by her mother.


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    (cinema) autocine masculino
    (cinema) autocinema masculino México
    (restaurante que sirve a los clientes en el propio automóvil) (restaurant) drive in masculino
    • Maybe it was a blip in history, with drive-ins and soda fountains, that's gone for good.
    • You cannot imagine how different this film looked compared with most of the commercial releases I used to watch in the late 1950s, overlit studio pictures designed for drive-ins, with little sense of reality.
    • It played continuously for 23 years, still booking drive-ins as late as 1977, and grossed an estimated $100 million.
    • And we - you know, we used to go to drive-ins as kids.
    • He grew up working for the Warren family, which ran such drive-ins as the Greater Pittsburgh on Route 30 and the South Hills on Route 51.
    • At that time my father had a couple of drive-ins.
    • It would play the small houses and hope to make it to bigger screens in the state capitals; the suburban multiplexes and drive-ins would likely be foreign territory.
    • But then again, not having romantic memories of drive-ins, I wouldn't know.
    • In the following decades Richard's invention boomed, with about 5,000 drive-ins around the world by 1958.
    • By 1985, the drive-ins disappeared and these films started getting thrown away.
    • Apparently, these items are inspired by the classic drive-ins that sprang up during the Rock 'n' Roll era in the West.
    • By 1976, the film had developed a cult following in America, becoming a favourite at drive-ins and in college towns.
    • I'd like to know maybe if anyone has an idea for English drive-ins around the island of Montreal.
    • It opened as a drive-in half a century ago, when drive-ins were the latest, hippest thing.
    • I admire that the drive-ins are already available in Beijing, but not in Shanghai yet.
    • For example, one day for lunch I took them to a local fast-food restaurant, and I realized that, when I was my children's age, I used to love going to the drive-ins, and now all we have are drive-thrus.
    • In their glory days, drive-ins expressed a particular, wacky strain of American imagination, their grandiosity and gadgetry revealing a culture captivated by technology.
    • However, from the 1950s until their almost total disappearance in the mid-1980s, drive-ins occupied a unique place in popular culture.
    • His ire was reserved for the exaggerated and superficial aspects of American style, such as neon-lit motels, drive-ins, cars with fins, and stove-pipe trousers.
    • Their town, though small got a good number of tourists for the summer the kind that found something remotely quaint and old fashioned about drive-ins.