Traducción de driving en español:


conducción, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdraɪvɪŋ/ /ˈdrʌɪvɪŋ/

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    conducción femenino formal
    (gloves/shoes/lesson) (before noun) de manejar
    (gloves/shoes/lesson) (before noun) de conducir España
    I don't think much of his driving no me gusta mucho como maneja
    • you must be tired after all that driving debes estar cansada después de tanto manejar
    • I want someone to share the driving quiero que alguien se turne conmigo para manejar
    • he was charged with reckless driving fue acusado de conducir con imprudencia temeraria
    • Reckless driving of private buses compounds the problem on the roads.
    • We propose doubling fines for offences that cause accidents such as drunken driving and reckless driving.
    • The negligence may not be related to the actual driving of the motor vehicle.
    • By reducing the cost of accidents, these innovations only encourage reckless driving.
    • The pros give a training course in safe off-road driving before letting you behind the wheel.
    • The bus driver was detained for reckless driving; the motorcycle driver got away.
    • He was jailed for five years for causing death by driving without due care and attention, perverting the course of justice and driving while disqualified.
    • More serious motoring offences such as uninsured driving would carry a £10 surcharge.
    • English law contains a number of offences which penalize the driving of a motor vehicle on a road in circumstances or in a manner which may cause harm.
    • They were for a variety of arrests - including drugs, motoring offences, disqualified driving, theft and robbery.
    • He was arrested and charged with drunken driving, malicious damage to property and reckless and negligent driving.
    • Just so there's no ambiguity: I am not in favour of speeding, or any reckless driving.
    • This wasn't just a matter of annoying suburban commuters - it was truly reckless driving.
    • A police investigation blamed the driver of the minibus for reckless driving.
    • Last year local councils in London were given powers to fine motorists for bad driving, in particular for blocking yellow hatched box junctions.
    • The most immediate problem is the spate of reckless and dangerously fast driving that has been taking place on a nightly basis.
    • Day to day driving could bring about the introduction of these elements to your engine.
    • He had four penalty points on his driving licence imposed in May 2002 for an offence of careless driving.
    • Interestingly private truck driving was never forbidden.
    • He amazed the crowd with his perfect driving skills and the control over the machine.


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    (rain) torrencial
    (wind) azotador
    • Snow, sleet, driving rain and gale force winds were sweeping across the north west today (Saturday).
    • There were gale force winds and driving rain across parts of Victoria too - but a bit more than two millimetres.
    • It wasn't the biggest or nicest fish but most welcome when conditions were hard and included gale force wind and driving rain.
    • The players had to contend with driving rain and gale force wind.
    • As driving rain and wind played havoc with both teams' attacking play in the second period, the game deteriorated into a succession of handling errors.
    • Snow in the early hours of yesterday gave way to wind and driving rain by the time the search began and although the teams had a wet time of it, it did not hamper their inquiries.
    • November is a month of driving rains and howling winds, an in-between time without any clearly defined season.
    • I woke the next morning to driving rain and howling winds.
    • The driving rain, high winds and the cold made it absolutely impossible to consider this as anything other than madness.
    • However, this month the winds and driving rain so far prevented any such activity and hopes for an early clean up so far are postponed.
    • There are still only 80 to 90 days a year when work is possible - you cannot paint in high winds and driving rain.
    • As well as the wind we now had driving rain to contend with.
    • The game was played in dreadful conditions with driving rain and howling winds ruining the contest.
    • Both teams made light of the wind and driving rain to produce a great game of football at the Youth Centre.
    • This was a very exciting game with some great play by both teams in driving rain and wind.
    • It began sloppily with swirling wind and driving rain hampering the early action.
    • Through most of the race, the riders were subjected to fierce winds and a driving rain that made it difficult to see the rider in front.
    • High winds and driving rain made crossings impossible.
    • The howling wind and driving rain had created zero visibility conditions.
    • Having never flown before, it was particularly difficult in the high wind and driving rain.
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    she's the driving force behind the whole project es el alma-máter / la impulsora del proyecto
    • his driving ambition was to get a seat on the board lo que lo impulsaba era la ambición de llegar a formar parte de la directiva