Translation of driving licence in Spanish:

driving licence


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    • He has a work permit, a driver's license and a social security card - all legally issued.
    • The officers stopped the truck and asked to see the driver's license and vehicle ownership documents.
    • Right now applicants submit proof of work eligibility using any number of documents, including a driver's license.
    • And that is a very different type of function than we currently permit with a driver's license.
    • We may also ask to see your driver's license or other identifying documents.
    • These will include a driver's license, your personal proof of insurance and a major credit card.
    • That means it is not necessary to secure a commercial driver's license to operate one.
    • I know we have a learner's permit instead of a full driver's license.
    • You don't need a special driver's license and you do not need to pay road tax or registration.
    • If this is possible, what would we use on our marriage license, driver's licenses, credit cards and bank accounts?
    • While the smaller models, under 3.5 tons, do not require a special driver's license, the larger models do.
    • Going to get a driver's license or getting a green card is as experience you will never forget.
    • While we are in that area, we'll make a stop at Motor Vehicle and renew my driver's license, which expired almost a year ago.
    • Do we want to know if the driver that is driving next to us on the freeway has a driver's license and has auto insurance?
    • Several hundred ‘documented’ and ‘undocumented’ workers attended, demanding driver's licenses and blanket amnesty.
    • In the old days, before calling the station, the officer walked up to the car to collect the driver's license and registration.
    • You don't need a driver's license to drive a golf cart on the course, but you do need some common sense and a great deal of respect for the course and the players around you.
    • First of all, the traffic police intercepted our car and asked the driver to produce his driver's license and registration.
    • Once you get a driver's license, you can drive your car anywhere that is open to the public.
    • States will not be allowed - as 11 of them currently do - to issue driver's licenses without proof of ‘lawful presence’ in the country.