Traducción de driving test en español:

driving test

examen de conducir, n.


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    examen de conducir masculino
    examen de manejar masculino América Latina
    • Scott passed his driver's test today and can drive to school now without his dad in the car.
    • Didn't it take you six tries to pass your driver's test?
    • I have two teenage boys, one of whom is 16 years old, on the verge of passing his driver's test, and starting a part-time job.
    • Aaron learned to drive from one of his friends, and miraculously passed his driver's test to get his license.
    • When I took my driver's test, you had to do it with a manual transmission.
    • Motorists who missed the deadline to convert their licences to the new credit card format should be prepared to pay fines of up to R2500 and face a six-month process of taking the learner's and driver's tests again.
    • Instead, I'll drive cautiously home, going under the speed limit for the first time since my last driver's test.
    • The results of our poll tonight: 95 percent of you say all state driver's tests should be administered in English in this country - 95 percent.
    • A U.S. circuit court of appeals agreed, and the state returned to driver's tests in multiple languages.
    • Fine, I'll say it, I failed the driver's test, okay!
    • Nicole was infamous for failing her driver's test - four times.
    • In high school, I'd failed my driver's test not once, but twice.
    • I'm in a car with someone who never took a driver's test.
    • I have exams coming up soon, and besides that I have to study for my driver's test.
    • I'm seriously counting down the days until I gather enough guts to actually take my driver's test.
    • What about the extent of the eye tests required to pass a driving test?
    • Well, the catch is that in order to race at all you must pass various driving tests to gain licences.
    • All learners have to do these manoeuvres to be able to pass the official driving test.
    • Then all he needs to do is pass his driving test, and his motoring accomplishments will be complete.
    • I am an advanced driver, and have passed my advanced driving test.