Traducción de droll en español:


gracioso, adj.

Pronunciación /droʊl/ /drəʊl/

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    con chispa
    oh yes, terribly droll sí, muy chistoso / gracioso irónico
    • If you're looking for a nice enough, quirky and droll adventure film that you won't remember on Monday, then here's your movie.
    • The running commentary is informative and amusingly droll.
    • They're droll, yet morbid, featuring amusing little colorful happy people behaving with perfect presence of mind as their 747 ditches into the Atlantic.
    • Of course, the jokes are all on backwoods Southerners, so if that isn't an amusing subject to you, don't pick up this droll satire.
    • Surely the man who dispatched such droll rejection slips to thousands of chagrined writers should not be too dismayed to find himself paid back in kind-albeit with, as editors are wont to say, sincere regrets.
    • The decorations alone, often of densely packed plants and flowers with a symbolic significance now lost on most of us, are astonishingly imaginative, sometimes bawdy and often droll.
    • No, I didn't do the chicken dance or anything so droll.
    • The tabloids did their thing, were quite droll about it.
    • No matter how serious the topics, there will always be instances when it's impossible not to smile, so droll are the minimalist observations and asides.
    • The whole scenario is rather droll at this point.
    • The use of old cut-out photographs of the main protagonists, against backcloths, is a neat stylistic device and Evans' narration is droll and knowing.
    • He's rather droll when he frames his request, but it's a sincere one.
    • Though not slapstick or of the knee-slapping variety, Hamer is droll and often wickedly subtle in his deadly strain of humour.
    • He made the tasting far less arduous than his younger, more dashing, but decidedly less droll counterpart who was running the show this time around.
    • They were as droll as when I saw them back in February.
    • But just as often, the movie is droll, filled with pithy, hardboiled comebacks.
    • Many of the show's laughs derive from Lee's droll determination to take the ditty literally: how can an owl play a small guitar?
    • Perhaps, I think, he just went out on one of his famous walks, walks that I shared for many droll miles.
    • The duke was characteristically droll about his political career.
    • Ferguson was sympathetic enough about his stricken team-mate, but could not resist a bit of droll humour.
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    (quaint, curious)
    a droll little fellow un hombrecillo estrafalario