Translation of drongo in Spanish:


tarado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdrɑŋɡoʊ/ /ˈdrɒŋɡəʊ/

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Australian, New Zealand
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    tarado masculine informal
    tarada feminine informal
    • They wanted me to go along, the same as a few other drongos might do so, and just say, ‘Let's run around and look at the kerb-side collection, ‘rather than looking at the real issue and that is what is being collected.
    • He will not be amused at being associated with such a pack of drongos and losers.
    • Justice will be done - except to us drongoes who pay taxes.
    • He has made himself - and all of us - hostage to a drongo and a psychopath.
    • When the Minister was asked whether she agreed with the respected former judge's comments about there being drongos in her department, why did she not tell the House whether she agreed, and will she do so now?