Translation of droop in Spanish:


ponerse mustio, v.

Pronunciation /drup/ /druːp/

See Spanish definition of flaquear

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (sag, hang down)
    (flowers) ponerse mustio
    her head drooped onto my shoulder dejó caer su cabeza sobre mi hombro
    • his shoulders drooped se encorvó
    • her eyelids began to droop se le empezaron a cerrar los ojos
    • It has tall, multi-coloured apartment towers that bend and droop, and people drop extended planks between buildings to visit each other.
    • A cigarette drooped limply from the corner of his mouth.
    • Above audience and performers alike, an inner ceiling droops downwards in sail-like sleeves that both help disperse sound and secrete necessary technical apparatus.
    • This was all too easy, he thought, as he gathered her up in his arms, her feet over one and her neck drooping dreamily downwards over the other.
    • This helps prevent them from drooping or even completely bending over and breaking their stalks.
    • A few feet away, his knees bent and his feet drooping off the edge of a bench, Devin was waking as well.
    • There sat my mother, her black hair a mass of curls drooping over her shoulders, a wide smile curving her mouth and stars sparkling in her dark blue eyes.
    • Within the room, the dagger was drooping downward.
    • Lower branches are pendulous or drooping downward, middle branches stick out horizontally, and upper ones are quite upright.
    • His black hair drooped pathetically, still damp from the pool.
    • His usually black spiked-up hair abnormally drooped down onto his forehead, a certain sign that he had been out for a workout.
    • A black t-shirt drooped over his chest, covering what seemed to be hard muscle that also covered his legs and arms.
    • Mopheads bloom in solid masses, their clusters often so heavy that they cause their stems to droop and bend.
    • But her feet drag as the weight of life's depression droops heavily on her shoulders.
    • I don't mean the crazy shattered glass style tattooage plastered across her back, drooping over her shoulders.
    • Her long hair drooped carelessly over her shoulders and down her back.
    • His eyes burned with weariness and his eyelids drooped.
    • Slowly my own eyelids began to droop with weariness.
    • The phone conversation must have lasted seven or eight minutes tops, and by the time it was finished, Katie's head drooped with weariness.
    • My eyelids drooped, my head went back and, next I knew, it was lunch time.
    • Her eyelids were drooping and she was shivering.
    • His eyelids drooped, and his head lolled forward.
    • My mother turned back to her cooking, but her shoulders drooped and head hung down.
    • His tail drooped limply and she noticed that though he usually looked quite joyful and energetic, it now seemed that almost all his energy had run out.
    • Russ's ears drooped and his tail hung between his legs.
    • My shoulders drooped and my eyes caught sight of the floral calendar hanging on the wall.
    • Her eyes began to droop and dark half-moons hung underneath.
    • Mark stepped off of the train, his eyes slightly drooping, and his black high-tops dragging behind him on the floor.
    • Her mom continued to regard Vicki with a softer version of the smile, which made Vicki look away and her lips droop downward.
    • He said he had noticed that they all started with the same scraggy street kid hair cuts, their shoulders drooped, they were shy and they were scared.
    • David turned away wearily, shoulders drooping.
    • Bert closed his eyes, his thin shoulders drooping.
    • Max's ears drooped a bit and he looked down at the waves lapping at their toes.
    • Her shoulders drooped a bit and her back was not quite so perfectly straight.
    • Her arm stayed where it was, hanging limp at her side as her head drooped again.
    • Her mouth drooped sadly, the earnest expression coming into her eyes again.
  • 2

    (spirits/courage) flaquear
    (spirits/courage) decaer
    (person) desfallecer
    (person) decaer
    I tend to droop in the very hot weather me pongo mustio cuando hace mucho calor
  • 3drooping present participle

    (head) gacho
    (breasts) caído
    (flower) mustio
    we sang songs to revive our drooping spirits cantamos para levantarnos el ánimo / la moral

transitive verb

  • 1

    (head/wing) dejar caer
    (head/wing) bajar
    he drooped his shoulders se encorvó
    • I am reluctant, droop my head, claim to be tired/unwilling/sick of being a show pony.
    • The tail is cocked when alighting and the bird droops wings when displaying.
    • Neither horse looked tired even though they were both drooping their heads.
    • It drooped its head like a dog and growled softly.
    • It drooped its ears and tail, plagued with worry.
    • He slouched and drooped his arms in a bored manner.
    • He drooped his head onto his desk and sighed softly.
    • He drooped his head and trailed off.