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disminución, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdrɑˌpɔf/ /ˈdrɒpɒf/

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    disminución femenino
    • Before September 11, airlines were already feeling the pinch from the drop-off in IT business travellers and declining demand on North Atlantic routes.
    • The instability has already caused a small drop-off in tourism, forcing some island resorts to wind down their facilities.
    • However, with the downturn in the economy during 2001 and then the drop-off in US business traffic following September 11, the power of business class looks increasingly shaky.
    • They are relying on us to do overtime to cover shifts but if nobody comes in there's a drop-off in shifts.
    • UK house prices increased strongly last month despite a sharp drop-off in the number of first-time buyers.
    • Fears are rising that the drop-off in retail confidence could lead to a further depression in corporate advertising and recruitment, delaying any economic and market recovery until later in the year.
    • He said international data showed that such charges resulted in a drop-off in visitors, and it was too difficult to differentiate between locals and other visitors when they entered.
    • Are you concerned about the apparent drop-off in exports from the more knowledge-based sector of manufacturing industry?
    • This translates into a drop-off in population.
    • In the '60s and '70s the North Shore was very strong, but there's been a drop-off in terms of strength since then.
    • Even here we have seen a drop-off in trade, but business remains buoyant.
    • But Mr Reilly said the investigation didn't find any information that would explain the drop-off in recent complaints.
    • Other health chiefs claim that the drop-off in activity is the result of new restrictions on junior doctors' hours, brought about by European regulations.
    • The drop-off in agricultural production is staggering.
    • It seems to me there will be a huge drop-off in production with fewer animals about and, as a consequence, reduced cereals to feed them.
    • Unfortunately the summers of recent years have been rather disappointing and this has led to a drop-off in tourism in the area.
    • Though other major economies also suffered a drop-off in this category, no nation fell as far in percentage terms as the United States.
    • Some programmes have been cancelled because of a drop-off in demand.
    • But at night there is a remarkable drop-off in the number of staff.
    • Some of that's due to the drop-off in numbers of people watching as the week goes on.
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    precipicio masculino
    • There was a sheer drop-off of a cliff to the bay, about a mile below, and on the horizon they could see the misty Isle of the Sea.
    • The drive up into the mountains, along winding roads beside sheer drop-offs, made one consider how much thought the Turks, who occasionally raided the monastery, had to give to an assault.
    • You'll chase the river along sheer drop-offs and to low points where you can cool your feet - as a chase van ferries your gear to camp.
    • This, we soon discovered, is a craggy ridge only four feet wide, with precipitous 1,500-foot drop-offs on both sides.
    • The variety of diving is excellent, with many sites featuring sheer drop-offs, famous for their huge colourful sponges, with coral gardens in the shallows, while for the adventurous there is the famous Blue Hole.
    • The edge of the plateau leads to a sheer drop-off to 90m or so, but the marine life on this exposed site is prolific and the visibility often astounding.
    • It forms a sheer drop-off that bulges out slightly and then falls inwards, leaving me hanging over nothingness.
    • We carried on to the deepest part of the quarry at 36m, keeping what seems to be the sheerest drop-off to our left.
    • The abrupt end of the passage leaves me staring down the intoxicatingly sheer wall of the drop-off.
    • At Purple Wall, a sheer drop-off adorned in soft corals is a good place to find reef sharks and tuna.
    • It might have been fun if there had not been a steep drop-off on one side at all times.
    • I don't think about the rocks or the sheer ice or the exposed drop-offs or the avalanche danger.
    • The drop-off around its margin is extraordinarily abrupt, with sheer white and salmon-pink walls extending a half mile to the lowland rain forest below.
    • I slowly walked towards the cliff (that wasn't actually a clear drop-off, there was a steep trail leading down to the beach).
    • These currents bring life to the area; the steep drop-offs on the east side of the island are covered in colourful invertebrate life.
    • Exquisite rock islands cloaked in dense foliage are fringed by the shelves of coral reefs covered in crystal water leading you to precipitous drop-offs.
    • Runway 14 began atop a steeply sloping terrace with an abrupt drop-off at the approach end, departure end and left side of the threshold.
    • The tires spun, the bike sliding sideways towards a drop-off as it began to fall on its side.
    • There are steep drop-offs, caverns, tunnels, rocky slopes, offshore outcrops and reefs.
    • Against my instinct to soar to the bottom of the drop-off, I reluctantly finned up the sheer wall into saner depths.