Translation of drop kick in Spanish:

drop kick

botepronto, n.

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    (in rugby) botepronto masculine
    (in wrestling) patada voladora feminine
    • Storm clouds could pile in from the Antarctic, but it was still possible to bounce the ball and let fly with a drop kick.
    • Jonny Wilkinson became an overnight household name after scoring the last-minute drop kick which won England the rugby World Cup last November on a rainy night in Sydney.
    • It doesn't matter if it's all penalties or a drop kick from the halfway line in the last minute of the match which gives you victory, a win is a win.
    • Following a drop kick by the goalie, the ball can be headed around at midfield for what seems like an eternity before a player actually puts a foot on the ball and gets things moving.
    • There was nothing to separate them during the regular season and there was nothing to separate them on Saturday, just that one drop kick.
    • If we're down by two points we need to work ourselves into a position to get a drop kick away or milk a penalty.
    • He made amends with the last kick of the game with an excellent drop kick to ensure that their last game against Carlow was a winner take all with the loser heading for Division 2.
    • He was a stylish half forward, noted for his ability to sidestep and take a drop kick.
    • And as the third quarter was about to end, Hogg recovered yet another ball, Scotland drove it and Dan Parks made it 12-6 with a neat drop kick.
    • Taking aim with his right foot he sent a drop kick sailing between the posts to give England a 20-17 win over holders Australia.
    • He suffered the final indignity on a day to forget when his drop kick under the posts hit the upright and came out.
    • He finished his display with a drop kick to put his match total to 22 points and ensure an emphatic win.
    • If the ball had touched the ground and was then caught on the bound, it was lawful to run, but only a drop kick was allowed.
    • His real downfall though was that he simply couldn't master the drop kick at all.
    • A quick drop kick conversion from Ellis brought them within two points but despite the best efforts from the whole team they finally ran out time.
    • Henry Mitchell raced in under the posts from 20 yards to open the scoring and add a drop kick conversion.
    • A ferocious finale was set up with the Panthers taking the game to the Buffaloes who held firm until the final minutes when Kiwi fly half Ray unleashed a match winning drop kick that shaved the posts the wrong side.
    • The Saints scrum-half then sealed an unlikely win with a 40-metre drop kick with only two seconds remaining.
    • He attempted to seal the points with a last second long range drop kick, but it drifted just wide.
    • In those days we were just a bunch of street kids playing cricket with a tennis ball and practising drop kicks over the telephone wires.
    • A drop kick caught her by surprise, and she was hurled backwards by its supernatural force.
    • One theory is that this was inflicted by some kind of kung fu or karate drop kick.
    • I followed that up with a drop kick to the chest, and a snap kick to the temple.
    • I feinted a drop kick, then put all my strength into a haymaker with my right fist.
    • And bounding skyward, he opened himself for a drop kick.
    • She lunged at him with a drop kick to the chin, snapping his head upwards and he landed on his butt on the floor.
    • He hit a drop kick off the second rope for another two.
    • She snarled viciously as she threw her body into a drop kick.
    • The drop kick landing perfectly, I watched as she was hurled across the floor.
    • Mike looked over to see Jerry deliver a drop kick to a guard's head and then close-line another.
    • Cecil somersaulted, landing a drop kick square in Ashley's face with his boot.
    • The drop kick was a bit wayward and not really near the mark but Simon just basically turned away in disgust waving it off and walked away as his opponent crashed to the canvas.
    • Diving feet first toward him, the soldier planted a drop kick right between his shoulder blades, knocking him forward.