Translation of droppings in Spanish:


excremento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdrɑpɪŋz/ /ˈdrɒpɪŋz/

plural noun

  • 1

    (of bird, flies) excremento masculine formal
    (of bird, flies) cagadas feminine informal
    (of horse, cow) boñigas feminine
    (of horse, cow) bosta feminine
    (of horse, cow) caca feminine informal
    (of rabbit, sheep) cagarrutas feminine
    (of rabbit, sheep) caca feminine informal
    • She said that large amounts of the virus were known to be excreted in the droppings of infected birds.
    • A hotel worker dons a gas mask to keep out the stench from bird droppings while removing the nests from the rafters.
    • But soon new seeds are carried in by the wind and on the fur of animals or in their droppings.
    • These include taking care on farms, where children may come into contact with the bug if it is present in animal droppings.
    • He moved silently, on the lookout for tracks, droppings or other animal signs.
    • There may have been a few more dried bird droppings, but other than that, everything was the same.
    • The white droppings of birds served as location pointers for eagles and vultures nesting in the craggy reaches.
    • Become familiar with what your bird's normal droppings look like before the switch.
    • Above the water it's a rugged shoreline and a few jagged rocks adorned with bird droppings.
    • Acid rain and rain that mixes with corrosive bird droppings also tend to do more damage.
    • Health officials attribute infections in humans to contact with the droppings of sick birds.
    • We were walking in a quiet street when my wife noticed bird droppings on her coat.
    • One patient cleaned rodent droppings from her home within two weeks of her illness.
    • It is transmitted through urine and droppings from infected rodents, and airborne particles.
    • The officers found numerous rat droppings and structural damage caused by rodent activity.
    • The nest is a depression in the moss, and the droppings of the young accumulate to form a rim.
    • Occupied herons' nests may be readily told by numerous droppings on the ground beneath them.
    • Parasitic wasps in search of a caterpillar host may be drawn to their prey by the odor of its droppings.
    • Kick aside a pile of fresh horse droppings, and a small cloud of flies is sure to explode around you.
    • Sacks and boxes containing food had been gnawed by rats and droppings were found throughout the premises.