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sequía, n.

Pronunciación /draʊt/

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    sequía femenino
    • Chinese officials say cloud seeding has helped to relieve severe droughts and water shortages in cities.
    • During climate extremes, whether droughts or flooding rains, those on the land feel it most.
    • In fact, tropical storms or hurricanes have ended many droughts in Texas, and other parts of the world.
    • Others have argued that these periods of droughts are not abnormal.
    • Floods, storms, heatwaves and droughts have created headlines in the UK over recent years.
    • In many places, including the southern USA, hurricanes or tropical storms sometimes end droughts.
    • Earth is set to warm further in the decades ahead, bringing more and bigger fires, mudslides, heat waves, droughts, and powerful hurricanes.
    • Tree rings can tell stories of fire history, seasons, droughts, and rainfall.
    • A high degree of soil exposure also results in high surface evaporation resulting in years of low rainfall becoming severe droughts.
    • At the same time, large chunks of peninsular India receive less than normal rainfall, leading to droughts.
    • That shows that we're having many more severe storms, floods, droughts, and heat waves.
    • It may be necessary to provide water for high-value trees and shrubs during dry periods or droughts to promote vigorous growth.
    • We worked hard through droughts and downpours and no longer walked down to the far hayfield to dream.
    • The water hit me cool and refreshingly; like a rain storm after a prolonged drought.
    • From hurricane to droughts, weird weather can shake up the economy.
    • The drought began to break in mid-December when heavy general rain fell in Victoria, with more after Christmas.
    • The trip is made possible as after four years of drought, recent rainfall means crops may now grow.
    • World temperatures are continuing to rise and extreme weather conditions, such as droughts, floods and heatwaves, are becoming alarmingly common.
    • Across the world, extreme weather events such as droughts, floods and hurricanes are becoming more frequent and more intense.
    • An increase in floods, droughts, tropical cyclones, and sea levels are also expected to bring a host of health problems in their wake.