Hay 2 traducciones principales de drove en español

: drove1drove2


Pronunciación /droʊv/ /drəʊv/

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Hay 2 traducciones principales de drove en español

: drove1drove2


manada, n.


  • 1

    (of animals)
    manada femenino
    • He was amazed at the ‘prodigious number’ of turkeys and geese driven up to London in vast droves of 1,000 or 2,000 birds.
    • These ‘sunbirds’ are returning in their droves following the winter migration.
    • Droves of cattle are, however, apt to be troublesome to the owners and tenants of the grounds through or near which they pass.
    • In all seasons, droves of cattle, sheep, hogs, geese, turkeys and other livestock shared the busy road with wagons loaded with grain, barreled beef and pork.
  • 2droves plural

    (of people)
    hordas femenino
    manadas femenino
    they came in droves vino gente a montones coloquial
    • they stayed away in droves vinieron cuatro gatos
    • It seems similarly unwise to assume that the army will defect in droves or that the population will rise to welcome the invaders, especially if they have no idea of what might follow an invasion.
    • They swarm in droves, pouring out of cars and vans with a mission to drive away with a fabulous treasure, for which they paid as little as possible.
    • The song was featured in the title sequence of the movie Blackboard Jungle, which had youngsters swarming cinema halls in droves.
    • Scuba divers came in droves with photographers, environmentalists, surfers, business owners and marine scientists.
    • In the end, both crowds stayed away in droves and it's a pity.
    • As it turns out, one-time fans stayed away in droves because, quite frankly, they were embarrassed to admit they liked these bands in the first place.
    • The crown's administrative staff and the army's families began arriving in droves, taking the arduous sailing route around the Cape of Good Hope.
    • The tour to promote her memoirs has seen fans turning up in droves to book-signing sessions, including hundreds in Piccadilly, central London.
    • Our new members volunteered in droves to join us on expeditions as cooks, divers, doctors, etc.
    • But just who are these Turnbull loving millionaires and why have they come out in droves?
    • We have nearly worn a hole in the road attending the last named venue in light of the continuing absence in Craven of athletics facilities and now residents from Craven are going in droves to the swimming pools at Colne and Barnoldswick.
    • And send them, in droves, to the corporate media.
    • I am sure the people of York will turn out in droves to see some great rugby, of both 13-a-side and of nine-a-side.
    • It wasn't long, though, before customers were turning away from the personal service of their local butcher, baker and grocer in droves, embracing the low prices and variety on offer at the supermarkets.
    • Today the temples are a major tourist attraction, well worth the grinding bus trip from Agra or Gwalior, and the curious arrive in droves from all over the world to gawp and snigger at this unyielding display of raunchiness.
    • The remaining veterans continued to leave in droves; at some divisions, 40 percent of the officers were applying for jobs at other departments.
    • In plain terms, his personal life throughout the 1990s was a million miles removed from the cool, casual persona which has attracted viewers of I'm A Celebrity in droves.
    • When the British finally gave up Boston, people fled the city in droves to escape the disease, and even the feeblest attempts at containment were no longer possible.
    • Although there was a full house for the much-praised opening ceremony in Athens on Friday night, spectators have stayed away in droves in the first four days of competition.