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bestia de carga, n.

Pronunciación /drədʒ/ /drʌdʒ/

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    bestia de carga femenino
    esclavo masculino
    esclava femenino
    she felt she was a household drudge sentía que no era más que una sirvienta / una fregona
    • Put a few good men into corporations, and they become dull, soulless, humourless drudges given to tossing the word ‘defamatory’ around for no good reason.
    • At no point in the story, therefore, is Pip set to be a drudge or a wage slave, though he has nothing of the gentleman about him.
    • Anna is a drudge, helping out at a nursery and running around her lazy father and little brother.
    • And while that is clearly progress, I fear we may simply be swapping one class of exploited drudges for another, as more and more double - income couples ease their hectic schedules by engaging hired help.
    • Others live on as hard-working priests or clerical drudges, or as the family man next door or at the next desk.
    • A lunchbox tells the world that one is a cautious drudge.
    • Modern girls, jaded with Charlotte, the domestic drudge, turned to the more exciting Emily for inspiration.
    • Should we see them as dreary drudges, blind to the creativity of the Shakespeares and Hemingways who are taking the test?
    • Engraving is often described as a slow and laborious process, and its practitioners as drudges, but this is misleading.
    • They were necessary drudges, to be kept firmly in their subordinate places.
    • I felt myself very much the household drudge, and Stephen was getting all the glittering prizes.
    • His special cruelty is expended on Smike, a half-witted lad left on his hands and employed as a drudge.
    • It seemed very out of place in the normal crowd of Saturday morning grocery store drudges.
    • Saber opened the tall, ancient wooden doors with a flamboyant push, and stepped in, ready to bestow his declaration upon the inferior drudge currently polishing the hardwood floor of the room.
    • The image of the doting mother replaced that of the domestic drudge.
    • Unlucky, you may labor under the control of a drudge.
    • You have actually started to enjoy being a workaholic drudge.
    • Gradually I became the drudge and, what's more, accepted my role as a kind of second-class citizen.
    • Tapestries, to me, had always been dim and dowdy things ravaged by time that no one but an academic drudge could like.
    • The orphaned Cinderella is the household drudge for her wicked stepmother and stepsisters.

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