Traducción de drug-related en español:


del medicamento, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdrəɡrəˌleɪdəd/


  • 1

    (side-effect/hazard) del medicamento
    • In July 2002, he was charged with three drug-related offences.
    • Three youths were arrested in the cemetery on suspicion of drug-related crimes and were later released following a police caution.
    • He was killed in a drug-related homicide, an official said.
    • Following the arrests of a number of high-profile bosses, this year has seen a surge in drug-related violence.
    • More than 100 people have been killed so far this year, mostly in drug-related gang violence.
    • Police and soldiers are battling a wave of drug-related violence across the country.
    • The law should be amended to enable this measure to be used to help reduce drug-related harm amongst clubbers.
    • Evidence suggests much of the severe drug-related harm observed in the area can be attributed to high cocaine purity and the high prevalence of cocaine injection.
    • Two drug-related murders took place in the largely middle class town, one caused by an under-car bomb.
    • An explosion in drug-related murders and drive-by shootings made national news and gave the area a fearsome reputation.
    • At one point during filming, life threatened to outwit art following a drug-related fatal shooting down the road from one of the sets.
    • Over the past year, the police reported eight drug-related shootings and two fatal stabbings in these houses.
    • A separate problem which saw a series of drug-related shootings in Leeds two years ago has been contained, but there is growing concern about the influence of gangs.
    • In 2005, methadone was second behind cocaine in drug-related deaths.
    • He estimates that drug-related injuries among seniors number as many as 2.3 million each year - nearly 200,000 of them fatal or life-threatening.
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    (offense/charge/crime) relacionado con el tráfico de drogas