Translation of drum in Spanish:


tambor, n.

Pronunciation /drəm/ /drʌm/

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  • 1

    • 1.1

      tambor masculine

    • 1.2drums plural(in band)

      batería feminine
      with Buddy Rich on drums con Buddy Rich en (la) batería
      • Intensity and loudness increases by the middle of the movement, with some sharp attacks by the strings, with drums and syncopated rhythms.
      • While the 72nd Sutton Music Festival will benefit from a grant of £300 to enable organisers to set up a new section for drums and keyboard musicians.
      • Jazz bands without drums or bass oblige the remaining participants to be extremely industrious.
      • The staples are represented - alto and soprano sax, bass, drums, woodwinds, piano, and, to a lesser extent, the clarinet and some vocals.
      • Inside the car, the hundred megaton speakers may be transmitting the unique sound of some howling pop star with an ululating mouth harp and a back-up band, heavy on drums.
      • Harmonies come courtesy of three male singers while the percussion, bass and drums ensure the sound is wrapped in the rhythms of their Guinean ancestors.

  • 2

    • 2.1(container)

      bidón masculine
      • Though barrels may be close to extinct, companies still ship some oil in 55-gallon steel drums.
      • Inside the drum's body is a padlocked hatch into which the money falls.
      • Inside the bottomless drum are mixed items waiting to be sorted, treasures waiting to be uncovered.
      • After washing the reel, rinse it off in clean water then thoroughly dry the reel, taking special care of the inside of the drum and the drag area.
      • The cigarettes, with a retail value of £350,000, were found inside drums of pine resin in a container that had arrived in Britain through Dover.
      • He thought something was strange as he looked inside the drums, but had no idea of the hazard as he filled up his backpack sprayer.
      • Research in collaboration with Peugeot has developed propulsion units rather like hamsters running inside a drum.
      • The mangoes that my parents had picked from outside their window had ripened inside the rice drum.
      • What tends to happen is that the cords find their way into the rotating drum inside the body of the plane.
      • Documents found inside some of the drums, identified the actual sources of the waste - small and medium-size firms from the Veneto region of Italy.
      • As well as 580 litres in the tanks they will carry about 600 litres in drums inside the vehicle: this is certainly no Smart car.
      • There's more to a chemical or biological weapons program than rusting drums and pieces of munitions.
      • But staff giving evidence said they would stand inside a large rotating drum to clean the slowly-moving rollers with an air hose.
      • Inside these are drums for the mine tether cables that would have been attached to mines resting in the bowl-shaped indentation on the upper side of the trolley.
      • The water is transferred from gutters into black 55-gallon drums via garden hoses, which allows me to switch from one drum to another with ease.
      • Tests on a 55-gallon drum came up positive for mustard gas.
      • I guess they figure if you have room enough to store a 55-gallon drum of mayonnaise, well, you have the space to store a coffin until needed.
      • I landed just on the edge of the very last fuel drum.
      • Then, overnight, completely saturate it by placing it in a soaking vessel such as an old bathtub or an open-topped metal drum.
      • The people who have been on the coast the longest are entitled to more water, and those who are newcomers only have the right to one drum, and that has to last two weeks.

    • 2.2(machine part)

      tambor masculine
      a revolving drum un tambor giratorio
      • Instead they may show excessive interest in repetitive activities, such as lining up their toys or watching the washing machine drum rotate for an extended period of time.
      • Mohsan likened clock speeds to the RPM's of washing machine drums.
      • Our baits were stored in large metal washing machine drums that we had shipped out specifically for the purpose, this kept them in superb condition.
      • If dead radio stations have graves, GLR must be spinning like a washing machine's drum right now.
      • In 2000 the Contrarotator was launched, the world's first washing machine with two rotating drums.
      • Sometimes dye will come off new blue jeans and dry on the inside of the dryer drum, and then transfer to the next batch of wet clothes put inside.
      • Good to check dryer drum after load of brand new jeans.

    • 2.3(spool)

      tambor masculine

  • 3

    Motor Vehicles
    • 3.1brake drum

      tambor (del freno) masculine

    • 3.2 informal (brake)

      freno de tambor masculine

  • 4

    tambor masculine
    • Today several column drums and capitals are to be found in GD 80.
    • The Corinthian pronaos surmounted by a drum in Juvarra's design for the facade was only added in the 19th century.
    • Foster and Partners' solution was to clad the circular drum with limestone to match the courtyard walls.
    • Portions of this platform could then be removed in stages to allow the drum of the dome to be constructed through the platform.
    • Sydney's brick drum, which was never intended to be seen from the outside, is being given a Portland stone skin.
    • The roof spans from the four sides of the quadrangle onto a new ring of 20 columns that surround the reading room's drum and are concealed by its new smooth stone skin.
    • These columns are concealed by the new limestone cladding surrounding the entire drum of the Reading Room.
    • It is given dynamism by a big brick drum which contains the main lecture theatre, and Is positioned asymmetrically to ensure that the space does not become rigid.

transitive verb drumming, drummed, drummed

  • 1

    (table/floor) golpetear
    to drum one's fingers tamborilear con los dedos
    • Ava sat on the edge of the bed, twirling her hair around her fingers, and Damien drummed his feet against the headboard.
    • I was there a minute or two, just tapped my feet nervously and drumming my fingers on the steering wheel to some unknown beat.
    • She drummed her fingers impatiently against the smooth surface of the table, eyes watching the baristas as they made drink after drink.
    • Either they were humming along or tapping their feet or were drumming their fingers.
    • She fidgeted constantly, tapping her foot, drumming her fingers on her leg, or plucking at her newly straightened hair.
    • Karl put away the cleaning supplies and walked over to sit next to the phone, staring at it while drumming his fingers repeatedly on the desk.
    • Absentmindedly I tapped my foot and drummed my fingers.
    • Paige drummed her fingers impatiently against her thighs, tapping her foot against the floor of the car.
    • Waiting to be served a beer, Tom Fiore drums his fingers impatiently on the polished countertop.
    • She started the car and pulled into Andreas' driveway, drumming her fingers impatiently on the side of the door as she waited for him.
    • He drummed his fingers impatiently on her desk awaiting an answer.
    • The girl held a small, black cell phone to her ear and listened to a dial tone, drumming her fingers impatiently.
    • Mike sat at the empty seat next to me and drummed his fingers on the table looking extremely bored.
    • Adrian drummed his fingers on his thighs, impatient and nervous.
    • He drummed the fingers of his free hand against the counter impatiently.
    • She ordered a white wine from a passing waiter, drumming her fingers on the table restlessly.
    • Kiara waited for a reply, drumming her fingers on the railing of the stairs impatiently.
    • He scowled at the computer screen in front of him, drumming his fingers on the desk impatiently.
    • I quickly dialed the number and impatiently drummed my fingers on my bedpost as the phone rang.
    • She impatiently drummed her fingers on the armrests and stared down her nose as the girl limped forward.

intransitive verb drumming, drummed, drummed

  • 1

    tocar el tambor
    • Both performances drew heavily on Melanesian sounds - interspersed with high energy chanting, drumming and dancing.
    • They work at festivals, so there are lots of people that can help out with drumming and energy work while they do their thing.
    • This was the real deal too - none of your tourist queso malarkey, just a bunch of locals sitting around, strumming and drumming and clapping and singing.
    • Also, surprising to me, was the skill and energy of Torry Castellano's drumming.
    • The energy from the land was invigorating and there was drumming in the near distance that added to the ambiance.
    • Reitzell, who drums with Air, warns me during my nail-biting wait that Shields tends to work all night and sleep all day and never answers his phone.
    • Not a success at school, he drifted from job to job before following his mother into drumming as a career.
    • There's wild drumming throughout, and though it'll test your patience from time to time, the whole of the CD is wrapped up in 30 minutes give or take.
    • When he is not soaring off into the sunset, he can be found drumming in the band Absent Friends.
    • Evening classes for adults take place on Monday and Wednesday for beginner and advanced fiddle and guitar, and on Tuesday and Thursday for choir, handbells and drumming.
    • And Grohl's drumming on the album is exceptional, as well.
    • Luke's hobbies include karate, in which he has a yellow belt, motorcycling - his parents bought him a motorbike for his 16th birthday - and drumming.
    • Samantha, you started drumming when you were 12?
    • Workshops also took place in St Sampson's Square and King's Square, including children's face mask painting, drumming, music and samba dancing.
    • The first two are rather general, because my work comprises more than writing and editing: I also get income from drumming and sometimes from photography.
    • It was the travelling that brought an end to the original John Barry Seven, said Mr Golder, who still drums in a concert band.
    • The festival would not be complete without the ancient art of Taiko drumming.
    • The masters of Japan's traditional and contemporary taiko drumming combine physical performance and incredible musicianship.
    • On a weekly basis the programme consists of samba drumming, guitar and dance.
    • Also, you'll hear bongo drumming and readings from Feynman's popular books.
  • 2

    (sound) resonar
    • Her voice was quaking, panicked in a way that sent my blood drumming in my ears.
    • He had natural rhythm and he'd drum on pots and pans.
    • She hadn't been this close to him in a long time, so close she could hear his heart drumming by her ear, feel the rhythm of his breathing.
    • As evening approached, the rain persisted, streaking the windowpanes and drumming rhythmically against the rooftop.
    • The heavy rain drummed against the windows rhythmically, making dark music that only the heartbroken could enjoy.
    • Only one set of hooves drummed behind him, muffled somewhat by the snow.
    • Hooves drummed against the packed earth and the horses raced as fast as their legs could carry them.
    • Ellin could hear her heart-beat drumming madly in her ears.
    • My heart drumming in my ears, I was still too shocked to move.
    • As the clock strikes eight an enormous din breaks out, with prisoners banging, shouting and drumming on doors.
    • She was quite content to sit on the sofa and listen to the rhythmic pattern of the autumn rain drumming on the metal roof of the shed.
    • Out of the silence came a low hum that started soft and grew in volume until it filled everything around it, a pulsating beat that drummed with a steady rhythm.
    • A soft rumble of thunder rolled from the sky and the rain began to quicken, drumming on the roof in a strange, oddly comforting rhythm.
    • The twins continued sitting there, their hearts drumming anxiously.
    • With the rain drumming on the roof, I was transported to the African bush.
    • I woke up to the sound of rain drumming on the roof.
    • Suddenly he could hear his heartbeat drumming in his ears, muffling out the rest of the surrounding clatter.
    • Alex drummed on the table with his thumbs, and then looked up at his troubled friend.
    • Jean said: ‘He started drumming on plastic buckets on the lawn when he was about two.’
    • It was the sort of day when you want to stay indoors but you have to go out shopping anyway, ending up in the supermarket listening to the rain drumming on the roof of the store.
    • A buzzard, high above, hung on the thermals and the sound of drumming snipe reminded me that this, after all, was summer.
    • The next morning, drumming snipe provide my wake-up call, and, in soft sunshine, I wander down to the shore.
    • Other breeding waders include 19 drumming snipe, 3 pairs of dunlin and 4 pairs of ringed plover.
    • The male takes no part in incubation, continuing drumming displays over the nesting territory.
  • 3

    (beat, tap)
    (person) dar golpecitos
    (person) tamborilear
    (rain/hail/hooves) repiquetear