Translation of drumroll in Spanish:


redoble de tambor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdrəmroʊl/ /ˈdrʌmrəʊl/


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    redoble de tambor masculine
    • So, let's get a drum roll going and announce the winners.
    • Each of them held a card in their hands, and with a drum roll, Mrs. Livingston announced the Prom Princes.
    • The laying of the wreathes was done by name and followed by ‘Amazing Grace ‘on the bagpipes, a drum roll and a salute on the trumpet.
    • The tone is set right from the outset, as we hear a martial-sounding drum roll over the credits.
    • Carlow hearts thumped in time with the drum roll as six shining envelopes were brought to the stage at the Brandon Hotel, each containing just one name.
    • As a kid I thought the blade came down after the drum roll.
    • The drum roll lasted longer on this one and the suspense was maddening.
    • Still, the drum roll turns out to be rather a long one.
    • The Jumbo Queen throne is rolled out onto the stage, and a drum roll builds to a crescendo.
    • He takes a live clip of a drum roll and chops it into a stiff, electro-funk cadence.
    • But Williamson, who admits to feeling like a gladiator walking into the ancient stadium to the accompaniment of a drum roll, is determined to do better than her ninth place four years ago and has her sights trained on a medal.
    • I incorporate a drum roll to make things interesting.
    • I hear the drum roll, and she quickly opens the envelope.
    • The drum roll started, the audience held their collective breath.
    • A band drummer stood behind the veteran reading, to give a drum roll after each name was called out.
    • While this is going on the drums skitter across the snares, almost at the pace of a drum roll, but a bit slower.
    • They reached their instruments and the drummer gave a drum roll to signify that they were ready.
    • Suddenly I heard a drum roll come from right near me, out of the speakers I had erected that afternoon.
    • A drum roll echoed throughout the park as the first words of the song came out.
    • Suddenly, a drum roll was heard along with the striking of drumsticks on cymbals.