Traducción de drunk driving en español:

drunk driving

delito de conducir bajo la influencia del alcohol, n.


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    delito de conducir bajo la influencia del alcohol masculino
    delito de manejar bajo la influencia del alcohol masculino América Latina
    it was his second drunk driving offense era la segunda vez que lo detenían por conducir borracho
    • Under the terms of the deal, he would be suspended for five years if convicted on a drunk-driving charge.
    • Is it fair to say your drunk-driving arrest in January affected you competitively?
    • The province of Manitoba, already home to the toughest drunk-driving laws in the country, is getting even tougher.
    • I suppose now we must throw out all of our drunk-driving laws, right?
    • Aside from a drunken-driving conviction when he was 21, he said he has a clean driving record and doesn't drink and drive…
    • When a messy drunk-driving incident lands him in jail, he is assigned the task of assembling a team of convicts to play in a big football game against sadistic guards.
    • A year earlier, he spent a night in jail after smashing his rental car into two vehicles in an alleged drunken-driving incident.
    • A drunk-driving ticket he issued a man in August 2003 was reportedly dismissed the same month that the man donated $950 to the fund.
    • Well, ultimately, it was a drunk-driving accident, and however difficult that might be for people to accept, that's the truth of what happened.
    • But just as we were getting closer, about a year after the pageant, my brother, at 18, died in a drunk-driving accident.
    • Among the destructive acts revealed here are the abuse of his spouse and the separate drunk-driving incidents in which his father was injured and his mother-in-law was killed.
    • In New York, carrying a boxcutter within or near JFK airport now carries a stiffer potential penalty than sexual harassment, mugging and drunk-driving.
    • The streets were generally free of after-hours difficulties, though there were a few arrests for drunk-driving and minor public order offences.
    • After the interview, the company pulled up the public record and discovered he had had three drunken-driving arrests in the past five years.
    • A comprehensive study of the effect of vehicle modifications, laws on use of seat belts, and reductions in drunk-driving indicates that about 90% of this reduction was due to vehicle modifications.
    • It's time to stiffen the law about drunk-driving.
    • Their existence has caused manned police patrols to be reduced while major offences like drunk-driving have increased.
    • A taxi cab driver and a pedestrian were also victims of drunken-driving by the prince who is known for his forays to discos and nightclubs.
    • While the figures for drug-driving are lower than drunk-driving, they show that almost a quarter of the drug-users surveyed did drive within a few hours of taking drugs.