Traducción de dry fly en español:

dry fly

mosca seca, n.

nombreplural dry flies

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    mosca seca femenino
    • The dry fly acts as a float would in coarse fishing and clearly shows a take as it is gets pulled under.
    • For most of my river fishing I use a rod with a floating line and a nine foot leader together with a selection of artificial dry flies that have barbless hooks.
    • It is funny how fishing dry flies can make people strike at every sign of movement around the fly; I am hardly one to criticise this, for I too am rather quick on the strike.
    • This second edition covers all aspects of fly fishing from tiny dry flies for brown trout to those big flies used for stripers and sailfish.
    • River trouting with a dry fly is all about slowly making one's way upstream, often creeping and crawling into position.
    • The reason is that it is demonstrably better than monofilament when used with small nymphs and dry flies because it is virtually invisible in water.
    • Several anglers reported catching fish on dry flies.
    • Although it is unlikely that the dry fly will be prominent until later in the season, it can do no harm to get into the habit of tying a few early so that your fly box is ready when the trout start moving on the surface.
    • As more rose it became time to try a small dry fly.
    • I have taken a lot of grayling in winter on a dry fly.
    • This dry fly can be deadly during the early part of the season, particularly in late May when there is a hatch of mayflies.
    • In brighter or calmer conditions, smaller flies are used, or dry flies if fish are showing.
    • There are generally three different categories of flies in fly fishing - nymphs, dry flies and streamers.
    • On the Surrey-Sussex borders salmon are fairly regularly caught on dry flies, particularly sedges.
    • It even pays to try dry flies on occasion, especially if you're river fishing.
    • But make sure you have some dry flies and nymphs in your fly box so you can cover all possibilities.
    • It would be foolish to neglect a selection of dry flies in the warmer months as these too can be very productive.
    • He then talked about his salmon and how they had at times been taken on dry flies in warmer weather.
    • Taking an aggressive rainbow on a dry fly is akin to pulling the sword from the stone or returning the ring to the mountain - for many, a dream that has its best chance of becoming reality during the very weeks ahead.
    • Stocked annually by the local council, the residents of this remarkable little stream soon become wild, so fishing for them is best approached at dusk and with a tiny dry fly on a fine leader.