Translation of dry slope in Spanish:

dry slope

pista de esquí artificial, n.


(dry-ski slope)
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    pista de esquí artificial feminine
    • Get in some dry-slope practice at Glasgow Ski and Snowboard Centre, Bellahouston Park, Dunbreck Road, Glasgow.
    • Over the next few weeks, they will try their hand at everything from dance, drama, and disc-jockeying to motorcycling, dry-slope skiing, costume making and web-site design.
    • The only time I've been dry-slope skiing, it snowed.
    • There was a time when dry-slope skiing at Crimple Valley, Harrogate, was the cutting edge of sporting recreation.
    • Children can learn on the many dry slopes in urban areas, while the resorts offer nursery slopes.
    • Local snowboarder Mollie Boys successfully defended her British dry slope Big Air title at her home slope in Halifax over the weekend.
    • In fact she had found skiing quite easy on her first try out on the dry slope at Sheffield.
    • Frankie started skiing on dry slopes at the age of seven, but she did not get her first taste of snow until three years ago.
    • I started more skiing on the dry slope in St Paul's Cray and joined the race club in 1998, and took part in competitions around England.
    • Beck learned to ski on the dry slope at Bearsden Ski Club, a facility that continues to nurture young and not-so-young beginners.
    • A lot of people don't like to ski on a dry slope after they've had a go on real snow.
    • Jenny started to take part in competitive dry-slope skiing three years ago and is now beginning to race on snow.
    • We've done a few dry slope sessions, but it will be brilliant to ski on real snow again.
    • Though the lack of mountains in this country are an obvious hindrance, the increase in indoor facilities and dry slopes mean there could be opportunity.
    • Around the same time I started to go to the dry slopes since one had just opened in the city.
    • The two teams may meet again in three weeks time at the last dry slope race before they both head out to France to race on snow.
    • Westmacott, who started out on the dry slope at the age of three, is particularly keen to pay homage.
    • On Monday the Borris group took time out for shopping while there was some dry slope skiing for some members.
    • New Earswick skier Matthew Pirrie has taken the winner's trophy in a season-long league series of dry slope downhill races.
    • Now fully recovered, she is taking part in dry slope races before joining up with the England squad.