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dualidad, n.

Pronunciación /d(j)uˈælədi/ /djuːˈalɪti/

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nombreplural dualities

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    dualidad femenino
    • To fit in with this, the play is full of twins as a metaphor for human duality: we can be this or that, depending on our choices.
    • But our poem's horizon expanded far beyond this confined duality to embrace the universal, the human, as well as the intimate and personal.
    • All these nine characteristics have both weaknesses and strengths; out of duality of being, these unique natures can provide certain creative energies, motives, and world views.
    • It is impossible not to get lost in Watt's paradoxically neat tangle of ideas - whether it's her dialogue with Ingres or the almost alarming duality of photorealistic illusion and sheer physicality.
    • All this is evident in the city's duality, characterised as ‘two cities in one’.
    • After the brief bit of prophecy, Watts homes in on the theme of duality that crops up in most of his books and speeches, a result of his understanding of Eastern religions.
    • There's way too much duality built-in to such a scheme.
    • The implication of moving from limbo to salvation again emphasises the show's duality and the importance to so many of the idea that a country's borders might provide sanctuary.
    • Sir, you are working on the premise of duality.
    • Hedwig is a figure of duality, spanning two sexes.
    • There is a precedent for this duality in leadership.
    • It's a time of duality when decisions have to be taken.
    • Presumably it's meant to further illustrate the themes of duality and inner struggle, but the only effect is that of an irritating side-show.
    • One is based on duality, on the perception of an inevitable separation between man and God or, not to be too theological, between man and reality.
    • There is an overriding theme to this mural, and that is one of duality.
    • Just how Gilliam's duality came about is unclear, but he apparently mastered it early in life.
    • And this presents on screen the kind of duality of which Brecht was so fond on the stage.
    • He sparkled at us and talked of duality in our lives; children versus stardom, the scriptures versus the internet.
    • It is time we got out of a mindset that encourages duality of standards.
    • In this realm of duality, issues of culture, gender and history certainly cannot be wished away.