Translation of dude in Spanish:


petimetre, n.

Pronunciation /dud/ /d(j)uːd/


  • 1informal

    petimetre masculine dated
    • The Clutch dudes are totally cool and we're having a blast.
    • Then, I turned to the cool dudes on the right to see how they were reacting, and nearly fell off my berth - it was them.
    • Everybody knows the coolest dudes in the world have no money.
    • He was a rarity: a teacher cool enough for the dudes in class, but with solid standards that made sure we did our work.
    • Today, I began a new ‘project’ working with a couple of cool dudes based in Swindon.
    • Here it was the kids who liked punk and new wave who were the cool dudes.
    • There are the cool dudes flashing along the byways as if they were racing in the Tour de France.
    • We run into each other quite often - he's a cool dude.
    • Additionally, any man that can maintain a relationship with Lois Lane has got be a cool dude.
    • Right off the bat I just met up with the coolest dudes.
    • If you're into your music and fashion this is the bar to be in, full of cool dudes, with no riff-raff in checked shirts, black pants and nice shiny shoes.
    • Like starstruck girls, they always go for the coolest dudes.
    • They fantasised about being these cool dudes in a Godard film, but they didn't really get there.
    • Dan escapes into the noir world of a novel he wrote called The Singing Detective in which foul deeds are done, women are the betrayers and Dan himself is a cool dude.
    • He had been born and raised in New Rochelle, NY, and even in high school was a cool dude, being voted the best dressed senior.
    • I couldn't wait to get to the set to play this guy, because I thought he was such a cool dude, and so deliciously devilish, and so funny.
    • Julio's such a cool dude I'd hate to see my buddy get hurt.
    • Atta handled them really well - in fact, he was one cool dude throughout.
    • ‘He had a wonderful, confident attitude and stood out as a real dude on the course,’ Yates says.
  • 2slang

    (any male)
    tipo masculine informal
    tío masculine Spain informal
    • Hey dude, hold on, Pontius has something to say about April Fool's.
    • Hey dude, thought you said you wanted to talk about the future?
    • Hey dude, why'd you take your mouth off the exhaust pipe?
    • So to the dude who I smacked, if you're reading this, I'm sorry, truly sorry.
    • Hey dude, all you have to do when you watch a TV show is tape the show at the same time that you are watching it.
    • See, there's this dude, dude, and he thinks people are too uptight, right?
    • So anyways, hey dudes, we should go downtown tomorrow, eh?
    • Hey dude, I heard that they posted notice of my freedom on your website today, and I am sorry but you got false information.
    • And I saw what you did with your men in labs, too - very clever, dude.
    • I'm glad you like it, dude.
    • ‘That looks sick, dude,’ Luke chirps, snapping his goggles into place.
    • Well, I think that's like a secret message, dude.
    • If banality is engulfing humankind, they've rallied with the cry: ‘Surf's up, dude!’
    • They'd probably just send me emails of congratulatory thanks, signing off with, ‘thanks, dude.’
    • I talked to him and said, dude, I don't know who your source is, but I hope you're not using them for anyone else because it's simply completely false.
    • You know, we've been doing something right, dude.
    • I know you're on TV and everything, but I've been on TV too, dude.
    • Husseman, a former wolf researcher, pointed and said, ‘Check out the alpenglow, dude.’
    • Rail transportation's the wave of the future, dude.
    • Don't turn a blind eye to this mega-chain, dude.