Translation of due date in Spanish:

due date

fecha de vencimiento, n.


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    fecha de vencimiento feminine
    • The grace period begins on the statement closing date and ends on the payment due date.
    • Others may revoke your on-time discounts if a payment arrives a day after the due date, he says.
    • Most companies send bills well in advance of due dates.
    • It was a sunny Friday afternoon, and Tracy was three days past the due date for her first baby.
    • This feature deducts your monthly charges from your credit or debit card on the due date.
    • Know the rate, know the fees, pay at least the minimum payment by the due date.
    • Because she was unsure of the date of her last period, she was also uncertain as to the due date of the birth of her child.
    • A minority of calls are from people who fail to pay their bills before the due date.
    • They must also make sure that they can repay the principal when the due date arrives.
    • Use your diary to record due dates and actions required.
    • The due date depends on whether the individual made a seven year deferral.
    • The extension time period for fiscal and calendar year taxpayers is the original due date plus six months.
    • Penalties will in future be levied at 10% per month from the first day after the due date.
    • If Valentia does not achieve 80 per cent support by the due date, it can extend the offer for a few weeks.
    • The age at which your baby is expected to reach various milestones is based on her due date, not her birthday.
    • You are required by law to notify your employer that you are pregnant no later than 15 weeks before your expected due date.
    • You have seven years from the due date of the original return to file, Schafer says.
    • If you filed your return before the due date, it is considered to have been filed on the due date.
    • Plan now to ensure the correct tax will be paid by the due date, and that the return can be filed by the revised filing date.
    • The amount should be based on the time between closing and the due date of property taxes.
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    (of birth)
    when's your due date? ¿para cuándo esperas / tienes fecha?