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dúo, n.

Pronunciación /d(j)uˈɛt/ /djuːˈɛt/

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    dúo masculino
    to sing/play a duet cantar/tocar un dúo
    • a violin duet un dúo de violín
    • a piano duet una pieza para piano a cuatro manos
    • He also composed masses, motets, cantatas, duets, and songs.
    • The lyrical charm of the duet between violin and cello in the third movement has a typical arpeggio background from the piano.
    • The libretto gives plenty of scope for choruses, trios, duets and solos.
    • Opera, as most of them knew it, with its arias, love duets, and noble emotions, did not interest the composer.
    • This two-piano, four-hands duet opens with a simple melody in the Piano I part over a ‘boom-chuck’ accompaniment played by Piano II.
    • The duet was composed by Viennese maestro Franz Schubert.
    • They approach the piece like a musical score, mingling solo parts with duets, trios and quartets.
    • Some of it is ingenious, most notably Britten's ability to blend several of the original melodies to form duets or ensembles, but the end result remains both conventionally operatic and alarmingly sanitised.
    • Fascinated by toys and their miniature mechanisms, Ravel wrote his Mother Goose suite for two musical children as a four-hand duet.
    • Or why is it easier for avant-garde composer Luciano Berio to make money reorchestrating a duet from Puccini's Turandot than from his own creations?
    • The first half will include a soprano duet by Handel and a composition by Philip Martin for viola, cello and piano.
    • Level Four contains six piano duets from the early nineteenth to twentieth centuries by composers Diabelli, Arensky, Gurlitt, Reinecke and others.
    • Vivaldi's Magnificat, a short work, is not performed nearly as often as the longer, more popular Gloria, but it is an attractive work with its mixtures of trios, duets and quite short choruses.
    • Primrose is the simpler of the two works, a series of duets on Moravian folk texts for treble choir, violin, and piano.
    • In terms of the former, duets have long been used by composers and music students alike to study instrumental works - particularly before the advent of recordings.
    • Some of the most emotionally engaging or memorable songs are duets.
    • From artistic director Nacho Duato comes Without Words, set to the music of a Franz Schubert duet for cello and piano.
    • The song is a duet between a bloke who pines for a woman who passes him on an escalator and a hypothetical version of the girl in question.
    • Martin revisits his love for American folk materials with this commissioned piano duet based on the celebrated Shaker tune, Simple Girls.
    • As an excursion through piano duets from Schubert onwards the mix is wide, the music varied and entertaining.