Traducción de duff up en español:

duff up

darle una paliza a, v.

verbo frasal

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    darle una paliza a
    • Last time we met, I kept thumping her on the leg as a way demonstrating my affection and she duffed me up.
    • What was he going to do, duff me up on the street in front of dozens of people?
    • He insists on sitting on the mat where the door might slam on him, and on challenging the same old bruiser of a female four doors down, who duffs him up every time, leaving him cut and scabby.
    • Considering that several players get drunk and duff someone up every week, this could prove to be a valuable source of income.
    • I assumed that to keep the children from duffing each other up I would be required to sit miserably on the sidelines of a soft play centre.
    • And there can hardly be a married woman alive who hasn't, many times, felt inclined to duff up her husband, if not actually to wring his neck.
    • I haven't been going out and trying to duff up little kids if they won't give me their pocket money.
    • However, whoever was doing security should be taken outside and duffed up.