Traducción de duffer en español:


inútil, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdəfər/ /ˈdʌfə/

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  • 1

    inútil masculino, femenino
    zoquete masculino, femenino coloquial
    chambón masculino América Latina coloquial
    chambona femenino América Latina coloquial
    • For some reason, no matter which production I watch, I'm happy during the first three acts but the minute the old duffer stalks the moors in the storm, I'm lost.
    • It's very exciting even for an old duffer like me.
    • But to give the old duffer his due, he isn't the first to attempt such a blatantly bloodsucking sonic hook-up.
    • If any character ever needed canine companionship, it was the old duffer in that play.
    • Well it's forty-eight hours on, and Lisa and I have successfully settled into our new life and formed a love triangle with a white-haired old duffer called Oscar.
    • Having queued in order to buy a paper, some old duffer just walks in front of me in order to get served.
    • I am not some old duffer who wants to spoil your fun.
    • He is the lovable old duffer with the frantic, ants-in-the-pants commentating style.
    • By now, you're saying to yourself, who is this whining old duffer?
    • The doors opened and two aged citizens emerged, a withered old crow and a thin old duffer.
    • Don't you think something should be done about it, or at least tell the old duffers to stop making fools of themselves?
    • This is probably because she's been lumped with the 25 and over category of performers - easily the worst group, as it's full of mental old duffers who all share the knowledge that this is their very last chance to make a success of themselves.
    • We're just a friendly bunch of old duffers who like getting together every now and then, and having a laugh.
    • It's just so darned much fun to hear these old duffers talking shop and gossip.
    • The Tories usually have a laughably naff bunch of old duffers to support them and this time was no different with a couple of new kids on the block.
    • Alf was a complete duffer when it came to mechanical things such as refilling a ballpoint pen.
    • The two men, patriarchs of the most powerful families in American politics, have been mucking around on boats this week, playing endless rounds of golf and cracking jokes like any pair of genial old duffers.
    • It is not as if Bob has ruthlessly ditched loads of old duffers to make way for cutting-edge rock 'n' roll talent.
    • He made him a life peer in 1998 along with a whole load of other buddies once he'd shipped out some of the old duffers with legislative reform.
    • The wife and I are going to beach resort for a couple of weeks and I thought I'd pick up a couple of pointers so as not to look like a complete duffer!