Translation of dulcet in Spanish:


dulce, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdəlsət/ /ˈdʌlsɪt/

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mainly ironic
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    I could hear her dulcet tones oía su dulce voz ironic
    • Instead of the dulcet sounds of ‘Silent Night’, there are imprecations emanating from the kitchen.
    • As I'm in the bakery, I hear the dulcet tones of what sounds like klezmer music being played through an ice-cream van.
    • You'll just have to imagine what my dulcet tones sound like.
    • It's got a fast-paced electronic rhythm to quicken the pulse, and dulcet tones to soothe the ear.
    • The songs are dulcet and soothing, despite being in a minor key.
    • An hour later, I'm home just in time to hear the dulcet tones of my oldest child asking, ‘what's for breakfast, Mommy?’
    • I sing in tune, but my tone is far from dulcet.
    • There's a wheeze of accordion and deep, dulcet electric guitar.
    • Before Christmas the dulcet tones of Mozart, Handel and a host of other classical composers emanated from the statue of Brunel, in Haveock Square.
    • His dulcet tones and relaxed interviewing style helped guide the listener through some pretty heavy stuff at times, but he never patronised his audience.
    • They stopped to give me a lift, ignoring me as I sat in the back, and they continued talking in their strange, gentle, dulcet accents.
    • Occupational hazards of hairdressers include having to listen to the dulcet tones of their clients.
    • Her tender dulcet voice added charm to the song.
    • This second appearance gave people who hadn't heard her another opportunity to take in her dulcet tones.
    • Their voices blended in dulcet harmony.
    • As one-third of Destiny's Child, her dulcet pipes helped make the group's debut self-titled album reach platinum status.
    • His dulcet tones and objective professionalism in describing the game brought an otherwise boring game to life.
    • It's not unknown for the dulcet tones of Frank Sinatra to be heard on the team's ghetto blaster in the changing rooms prior to kick-off.
    • Janet Morgan's dulcet vocals make their first appearance on this duet, and are ably ballasted by Robbins' resonant baritone.
    • I have lost count of the lunching conversations I've missed because of wailing sirens, farting trucks and the dulcet thrub of pneumatic drill tucking into tarmac.