Traducción de dumbstruck en español:


estupefacto, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdəmˌstrək/ /ˈdʌmstrʌk/

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    to be dumbstruck quedarse estupefacto / mudo de asombro
    • I immediately caught it with both hands and just stared at him, too dumbstruck to speak.
    • The head of the creature was over two feet taller than Maria, but still it seemed that this beast was dumbstruck with terror.
    • I sat there, dumbstruck, wondering who could laugh at this, let alone applaud.
    • The fencer sat on the floor, dumbstruck, and now twirling with all kinds of emotions.
    • Even Michael just watched, dumbstruck, until she reached the floor.
    • Trent faced the girl who'd spoken to him and was completely dumbstruck.
    • I was dumbstruck and made my informant go over it twice more, both to make sure that I had got it right and to detect any special meanings hidden in any of the terms in question.
    • I'm still dumbstruck by how people think celebrities have anything important to say about anything except the pressures of being famous.
    • By all accounts he took charge when the towers fell, and he displayed leadership when others were dumbstruck.
    • He had the same dumbstruck look on his face for most of the movie, occasionally substituting the look of awe for a goofy grin.
    • When I read about London and Britain's transport system of 80 to 100 years ago I'm dumbstruck.
    • I'm no engineer but even I could appreciate with dumbstruck awe just how much work has gone into the redevelopment.
    • I was totally dumbstruck at what they were asking us in the exam.
    • For instance, even a passing train would leave the audience dumbstruck.
    • While the woman tied up the rowboat with an expertly woven hemp rope, the man could only stare ahead, dumbstruck.
    • She was not sure what to think, and I was so dumbstruck my mouth opened and closed for a while beside the phone without a sound.
    • Then she left and fifteen dumbstruck three and four year-olds won't ever be the same again.
    • The door opened and he watched dumbstruck as the girl got in with a smile on her face.
    • He looked dumbstruck, his bottom jaw practically on the floor, his eyes huge in his head.
    • It has left me dumbstruck to the criticism this film has received.