Translation of dummy in Spanish:


maniquí, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdəmi/ /ˈdʌmi/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in window display, for dressmaker)

      maniquí masculine
      • Join the club - how many middle-aged people are there out there, I wonder, who still find it a bit scary looking at the tailor's dummies in a clothes shop window?
      • The collision wrecked the window display - including a dummy dressed as Elvis - and caused thousands of pounds of damage.
      • Along with the period costumes, and superhero outfits that he stocks there, the dresses are on display on dummies.
      • Would he lend The Three Graces out as tailor's dummies?
      • It is the shop window of the Scottish parliament and it will not do for it to be filled with people who make tailors dummies seem animated.
      • The train driver said he had just left New Pudsey station in the dawn light when he saw what he thought was a tailor's dummy between the railway line and the embankment ahead of him.
      • On the roof of one of them a realistic ‘corpse’ - a tailor's dummy - was hidden.
      • More macabre was the tailor's dummy strung up from a noose dangling off scaffolding on a building being demolished on Micklegate.
      • On four large glass sheets, she has painted in black the silhouettes of a tailor's dummy, a piano, a desk and a garden.
      • In the corner to the right of the window, through which the moon pales, is a tailor's dummy in hessian.
      • For many years, in all weathers, a Swanndri-wearing tailor's dummy stood proudly outside his shop to show durability.
      • As she is undressed and her wedding veil placed on the tailor's dummy, the camera pans up from her naked back to her body in the photograph.
      • In the movie, he's a dark-haired American modelled on, of all things, a shop dummy.
      • And when you say towing mannequins, is that mannequin in the sense of, say a store dummy, basically a pretend human being?
      • On the other side, was a set of three mannequin dummies, all dressed up in spooky attire.
      • Also present were dressmaker dummies draped in costumes worn during the performances.
      • The dressmaker's dummy and a blue wing chair that is used repeatedly are symbolic of the upper-middle-class venues of Mammy's travail.
      • Since I was too shy to take pictures of the salesgirls, I took pictures of the dummies instead.
      • She, meanwhile, had her stand with her arms out like a dressmaker's dummy, cutting her shirt down the middle of her back.
      • It's red lacy sleeves flowed eloquently down the dress maker's dummy's sides.

    • 1.2(in tests, stunts)

      muñeco masculine
      ventriloquist's dummy muñeco de ventrílocuo
      • For the next few minutes it took the place of a wooden dummy, receiving more than it's share of abuse.
      • Of course, NATO knows that we have these dummies, but cannot tell a dummy from a real rocket.
      • ‘We use their counter-top display that has one of their lights on a dummy gun,’ he said.
      • The Army team identified the device as a dummy bomb, used for target practice when the site was an airfield during the Second World War.
      • Far too often the cats are clearly not real cats, but cat dummies and computer-generated cats.
      • The American servicemen who dropped a dummy bomb on East Yorkshire have returned to flying after an investigation into the blunder, it was revealed yesterday.
      • The pedal car, which has recently been exhibited at classic car shows, is in fully restored condition, complete with its dummy engine and working headlights.
      • Use dummy plugs to cover unused outlets - if these are not readily available, simply buy a new plug and insert into the outlet.
      • One plausible scenario, he said, was that he had indeed threatened the cops with a dummy gun.
      • You may think you know the location of the lockbox, and maybe you do or maybe that's a decoy or a dummy lock box.
      • An American fighter dropped a dummy bomb on East Yorkshire by mistake, the US Air Force has confirmed.
      • A dummy camera was set up earlier this year to prevent cars using the bus gate.
      • The Lake Erie's radar system tracked the dummy warhead and guided the interceptor to collide with it more than 100 miles above the ocean.
      • Lectures on tactics and arms were held, and there was even drilling with dummy wooden guns.
      • This weekend a test will take place in which a dummy missile will be fired from a Californian base and be intercepted by a defence missile launched from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific.
      • Parkinson's Disease sufferers experience the same benefit from an inactive dummy drug as they do from a real medicine, new research has shown.
      • By fitting the dummy front to the machine the details of cards used could be recorded, while the camera captured the PIN number.
      • A dummy bolt is in place in the receiver so headspace is set at the same time.
      • Even when you ask them where a certain book is located, the computer they're using is just a dummy computer.
      • If the jet had been flying over a more populated area, then even a dummy bomb could have caused a significant level of destruction and even death.

    • 1.3(in US football)

      domi masculine
      • Connoisseurs of back flip passes, outrageous dummies and champagne rugby in general would have loved this hugely entertaining romp.
      • He'd mesmerised the home defence with a beautiful dummy before picking up a short pass and slotting the ball past the helpless Roy Carroll.
      • In Rugby, you can pull a dummy, kick the ball up and under, or a grubber kick, or a long sideline punt.
      • The ball was passed wide and a dummy by Chapman created the gap for him to scoot over for his opening try of the season.
      • The stand-off broke the line, threw a couple of outrageous dummies, including what looked like a fake pass to the touch judge (the only man outside him), before bundling over in the corner.

  • 2

    • 2.1(fake)

      imitación feminine

    • 2.2Printing

      maqueta feminine
      • The book dummies, storyboards, jacket covers, and double page spreads were proudly displayed, still smelling strongly of glue and fixatives.
      • Included here are selections from his finished prints, work prints, contact sheets, notes, notebooks, handmade photographic books, book dummies, and correspondence.
      • He knew how to turn my dummy into a book.
      • Although the dummy pages circulated before the launch looked bold and colourful, the first real front page had the distinct whiff of suburban newspaper.
      • You read through the reference and tutorial material to work out how things may best be done, set up a dummy page to try them out, and then you find the snag.
      • The publication, which is also known to have been preparing tabloid dummies, is evidently not going to reveal its hand.
      • So over the next year, she pored over magazines, drafted an editorial plan and put together a dummy issue from published magazine pages and pictures that she liked.
      • We stood our ground, revised the dummy a couple of times and appointed a printer.
      • I've been excited enough to spend several hours working up some page templates and a dummy contents page.
      • The dummy had turned out to be just that, a dummy, with the group consensus being that the magazine had been lobotomised.
      • He introduced her to the group publisher, who fronted her enough money to produce a dummy for a new magazine.

    • 2.3(in rugby, soccer)

      amago de pase masculine
      finta feminine

  • 3

    testaferro masculine
    hombre de paja masculine
  • 4British

    (for baby)
    • Family members visited and brought toys but she was confined to an isolation unit with her dummy to suck for comfort.
    • However, it appeared that posterior cross bite was significantly more common in children who were bottle-fed, as well as those who sucked dummies or their thumbs.
    • His artistic creation involves three plastic child dummies hanging from nooses in an old oak tree in Milan's busy May 24 square.
    • By kissing their babies or licking their babies' dummies, parents could inadvertently be increasing their risk of cot death.
    • Officers also found that he had a stock of nappies, baby bottles, dummies and parenting magazines stored at his home.
    • Trading standards officers have seized a shipment of 4,000 baby dummies at Stansted Airport which were intended for the hard-core clubbing market but could prove dangerous to children and adults.
    • Puppies and kittens are particularly likely to swallow unusual objects, including babies' dummies, balls and even razor blades.
    • If you can, avoid using a dummy and discourage thumb sucking.
    • Children shouted, babies spat their dummies and cried, and builders leaned out of white vans to express their admiration and to wish me well for the long journey ahead.
    • Now try to imagine him waving a dayglo wand and sucking a dummy.
    • The hideous little wretch in the pram - probably gurgling and sucking a particularly unpleasant dummy - was me.
    • The family is still accepting donations of baby products such as talcum powder, soap, and dummies.
    • He may also choose to suck his thumb, or perhaps a dummy.
    • Philip's mother, Carol, said that instead of a dummy he was given a sheepdog whistle as a baby, and he's never looked back.
    • He was just over a minute behind the stage winner, who slipped a baby's dummy into his mouth as a tribute to his wife and daughter, but that mattered little.
    • Infants randomised to the dummy groups received a dummy on entry into the trial.
    • A child who is able to argue with such infallible logic is perhaps a tad old to be toting a dummy in public.
    • It outlines the fact that dummies can create problems for children's teeth as well as causing speech problems.
    • Suffice to say that, when I pull out the sofa to sweep under it, I find a dummy (my children haven't used dummies for three years) and an old Singing Kettle ticket.
  • 5informal

    bobo masculine informal
    boba feminine informal
    • But the devil with the horns was looked upon as a kind of fool's gold, taught to dummies too stupid to grasp the honest ideology of actual wrongdoing.
    • I don't know the guy, but he's not a dummy, believe me.
    • I don't care what anyone says, you cannot be a dummy if you have won the European Championship, even although he did it with top German players, but in Scotland there are no grey areas.
    • Nobody likes a know-it-all, but nobody likes a dummy either.
    • So like a dummy, I go through there and pull out this date book.
    • Once it became easy to download, so that any dummy could do it and you're only paying a buck a song, it sort of took it away from the old peer to peer basis thing.
    • The other is that Americans understand the notion of financial smarts, but that doesn't seem to stop most of us from acting like financial dummies.
    • Rick's no dummy, so of course he goes along with it.
    • He's no dummy, taking a calculated gamble on his career.
    • When it comes to movie marketing, he is no dummy.
    • I was no dummy, but somehow these brilliant, male minds, forced my IQ to drop 50 points.
    • Now, mama didn't raise no dummy, so when Steve asked what prize I wanted, I of course choose the five piece.
    • It's fairly obvious of her interest in him and he's no dummy, so maybe he's ignoring her to protect himself?
    • The unfortunate fact is that any dummy can assemble a list of keywords and upload their smartpages in just a few minutes.
    • A capable ruler, he is no dummy, though he sometimes waits too long before taking action.
    • He is no dummy and he pulled out well before the paint was dry on the new Olympic Stadium.
    • He was no dummy and you had to be slick when playing this kind of game around him.
    • There are, according to a reader with too much time on his hands, hundreds of books for dummies.
    • To help dummies with printing, colour LCDs on the front of the new printers have animations that guide them around any problems that crop up.
    • I don't let him pretend (as some cartoonists do) that he's just a dummy.
  • 6

    (in bridge, whist)
    mano del muerto feminine
    (player) muerto masculine
    • Either way, the second dummy is then exposed and the play continues as in Double Dummy Bridge.
    • The Defender on the Declarer's left leads the card to the first trick, after which the cards in the dummy are exposed and sorted by suit.
    • Both dummies are then exposed on the table, opposite their owners, and play continues as in Bridge, each of the players playing cards from their own dummy at its turn.
    • The hand opposite each player is their dummy, but they cannot look at it until after the bidding.
    • Immediately after this opening lead, the dummy's cards are exposed.
    • The player on the left of the dummy hand plays the dummy's cards.
    • In Cowboy and Cowgirl the dummy can discard and draw in the same way as the players.
    • Playing with three players, the game uses a dummy hand for the fourth player.
    • This allows the dummy player to leave the table during the play of the hand.
    • If the dummy hand wins a portion of the pot, the player that it beats must match the pot just as if they were beaten by a player at the table.
    • Use this scoring method for you and the dummy players west, north, and east players.
    • He plays from the dummy just as if it were a fourth player sitting opposite the Declarer.


  • 1

    (gun/telephone) de juguete
    a dummy package un paquete vacío
  • 2

    (shareholder) que actúa como testaferro
    a dummy firm una empresa fantasma