Translation of dumper in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdəmpər/ /ˈdʌmpə/


(dumper truck)
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    • Workmen came to the rescue of Don and his wife, from Didsbury, when they arrived in a dumper truck to drag the car free.
    • An attempt to jump a dumper truck over two parked cars has been halted for health and safety reasons.
    • It is not a case where the vehicle is designed for use in a place other than a road, such as a dumper truck used for road construction work.
    • The former International Development Secretary invited upon herself a dumper truck of fury and scorn, which Ministers and Labour MPs have duly disgorged over her head.
    • During the latest break-in last Wednesday, 20,000 pounds' worth of plant, including a dumper truck and roller, were taken.
    • Youngsters are believed to have ‘hot-wired’ a dumper truck and drove it at a new classroom being built at Healey Primary School.
    • The road was too narrow to turn round in, so I made use of the entrance to a builder's yard, reversed around a dumper truck and started back towards whatever it was we'd just left.
    • By now we had reached the Poet's Stone, imported from a distant quarry on a dumper truck and now set on a small grassy mound by the stream, where he invites friends to sit and write a poem.
    • If only the time had been found to paint on the club colours, the guys in the dumper truck would have known to leave it alone, to go find a wall to demolish instead.
    • Scoop after scoop was scraped away, lifted, and tipped with an ear-splitting crash into a waiting dumper truck.
    • One is a rat catcher, one is a gardener and two others drive a dumper truck and a bulldozer.
    • The win confirms the company as a leading provider of revolutionary heavy-duty vehicles from dumper trucks to agricultural tractors.
    • Further to our telephone conversation regarding the above we are erecting this for the repairs of gravel pit machinery, in particular the dumper trucks, and also the maintenance of the concrete crushing machine.
    • The progressives are forever going on about not living in a museum and having to break eggs, while archaeologists gaze gloomily at the diggers and dumper trucks that preface the concrete omelette.
    • Nine dumper trucks carrying 35 tonnes of rock at a time plough backwards and forwards from the lip of the causeway, dumping smaller rocks and huge armouring against the tides.
    • These loans are used to purchase equipment such as dumpers, excavators, motor graders, compactors, pavers, cranes, dozers and several more depending on the requirements of the project.
    • The company's product range includes tools, construction plant, diggers, dumpers and rollers.
    • Take noise for example - for nearly three years residents adjoining a housing development had to endure a dumper with an ineffective exhaust being driven around the site like a stock car - no complaint was made.
    • The workers will be on site until Saturday, August 21, and in that time will use six-tonne diggers and dumpers as well as their bare hands to lay more than 1,500 tonnes of stone.
    • Set up by director Roy Nixon to deal with worldwide disaster zones, the company is heading out to the region equipped with a 26-tonne truck, trailer, 20 ft container and a digger and dumper in an effort to rebuild the area.