Translation of dumpy in Spanish:


regordete, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdəmpi/ /ˈdʌmpi/

adjective dumpier, dumpiest

  • 1

    • A few seconds later a short, dumpy woman cautiously opened the door.
    • A short dumpy woman appeared from behind the counter.
    • I fancied that she imagined her wedding to the squinty-eyed, dumpy man sitting beside her.
    • Very soon, a small, dumpy figure in a shaggy brown overcoat appeared, lugging a large sack.
    • What really cracks me up about this pic is the dumpy assistant or fan or whoever standing behind her in boat shoes/ fishnets/ denimskirt/ tee and suit jacket.
    • This theme was followed through in the aftermath of that marriage of convenience, as those dumpy princesses found themselves, well, dumped.
    • References such as this, particularly as a lead, reinforce the prejudice that talented women must also be attractive. What if the subject had been a dumpy figure wearing dresses down to her ankle?
    • Carefully backing away from the newcomer, he waved a hairy-backed hand at his sour, dumpy friend.
    • You see attractive women dating schlumps all the time, but when's the last time you saw a decent looking guy with a dumpy woman?
    • A dumpy woman wearing maid's clothing picked up a load of dirty sheets and carry it to one of the washing machines.
    • Far from being short, thick and dumpy they walk tall as champions of freedom and responsibility.
    • And my brother Dave and I - he's the shorter dumpy one - you know the one I mean.
    • She wasn't quite lean, but she wasn't very dumpy either.
    • Even before he recognized the dumpy bag lady, Sam was running.