Translation of dupe in Spanish:


engañar, v.

Pronunciation /d(j)up/ /djuːp/

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transitive verb

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    to dupe sb into -ing engañar / embaucar a algn para que + subj
    • I'd give this CD away to charity, but then of course, some sucker would be duped into paying for it.
    • An elderly Swindon woman has narrowly escaped being duped into sending money to a dubious get-rich-quick scheme.
    • Shoppers are being duped into handing over thousands of pounds by to a gang of street vendors who claim to be collecting money for children's wheelchairs.
    • Yet thousands of low-income and not-so-low-income people have been duped into putting their modest savings into these funds.
    • They are worried that unsuspecting members of the public are being duped into buying the killer substances for them and catching traders unaware.
    • His family claim he and other military personnel were duped into taking part in what they believed were harmless experiments.
    • They're being duped into believing that what they're doing is solid.
    • Now, however, the well has run dry and the same people who were duped into funding the excesses will have to pay for picking up the pieces.
    • How many of you mums out there have been duped into thinking you're going to get a free pass for at least one of your children to use during the holidays and got told the same?
    • Yet he and his family claim they have evidence that he was duped into joining a heroin smuggling role which they cannot persuade a Bangkok court to hear.
    • Customers were duped into paying fees up-front in the belief that their business rates would be reduced or their money refunded.
    • Staff working at the store were duped into clearing up a smashed bottle of vinegar while one of the thieves walked into an open office and swiped wads of cash.
    • Everyone will have the right to continue to collect their benefit weekly so do not be duped into losing your local post office.
    • The operation was launched after dozens of complaints from members of the public who had been duped into buying poor quality goods.
    • Police in Wickford are urging residents to be on their guard after an elderly woman was duped into handing over money to bogus callers.
    • Do you consider this period in history a downtime, or have we just been duped into thinking so?
    • Also when you are in a vulnerable state you can be duped into acting out of character in order to appease your new best friends.
    • Parents are duped into believing that their child will have a better future.
    • And the media seem to have realised they've been duped into giving that cheap publicity.
    • This did not mean the united front was a trick to dupe workers into joining the Communist parties.


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    inocentón masculine
    inocentona feminine
    primo masculine Spain informal
    prima feminine Spain informal
    I realized I'd been the dupe of a con man me di cuenta de que había sido víctima de un estafador