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durable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈd(j)ʊrəb(ə)l/ /ˈdjʊərəb(ə)l/

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    (fabric/clothing/shoes) durable
    • They are simply not going to be able to maintain the durable equilibrium that market socialists want and believe possible.
    • The car is not made of stainless steel but instead it's made of some kind of durable alloy that can withstand bullets and rocket-propelled grenades.
    • Colonial hinged shutters are durable enough to withstand hurricane wind forces.
    • While coatings are durable, they do wear and their reflectivity decreases with age.
    • In connection to gloves, they are durable and the longer you wear them the more durable they get.
    • They must be durable enough to withstand extended use and exposure to a wide variety of fluids.
    • Polished plaster is hard-wearing and durable, needing only occasional dusting and an annual re-wax.
    • One of the advantages of using furniture made of walnut wood from Kashmir was that it is hardwearing and durable.
    • He also wears durable yet comfortable black nylon pants and thick sneakers.
    • But so far, at least, neither campaign has produced a durable peace.
    • One is to replace worn out parts in your vehicle with tough and durable replacement auto parts.
    • The real issue is not what individuals choose to do, but the strong cultural pressures that have weakened the foundation for durable relationships.
    • After many modifications, the end result is an extremely tough, durable and sturdy blade that retains a keen edge over many years.
    • Cloth bags are sturdier and more durable than either plastic bags or paper bags, and are also very environmentally friendly.
    • Any metal object requiring a strong, durable finish is a candidate for our electro static process.
    • Intensely beautiful, this is also a durable plant, even resisting the attention of grazing deer.
    • The rubber used is durable and strong so as it will not tear, expand or warp out of shape.
    • The fabric is water-resistant and durable, capable of withstanding any elements you may encounter on your adventures.
    • The emphasis in children's wear is still firmly on fun, wearable and durable clothes - but they are trendy too.
    • This research will help breeders develop wheat with durable resistance to this disease.
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    (peace/friendship/fame) duradero