Traducción de dusk en español:


anochecer, n.

Pronunciación /dəsk/ /dʌsk/

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    anochecer masculino
    at dusk al anochecer
    • his face was barely visible in the dusk apenas si se le veía el rostro en la penumbra
    • Summer is also wonderful because of the mid-week fell races that come with the light evenings and go in the Autumn when early dusks reappear.
    • You will only placate them until you are finished with the days, the dawns, the dusks, the sky, the moon.
    • Lucas sat by the fire staring into the flames as he saw the dusk of night slowly falling.
    • As the dusk fell, heart-wrenching songs on the plight of child workers were sung.
    • They look beautiful in the dusk as the lights inside shine through the carving.
    • In the twilight dusk, I followed him out the door and up the garden path, where he tripped over a loose rock and fell to one knee.
    • As dusk fell and turned to night, an elderly cleric began to recite several verses of the Koran while the congregation repeated after him.
    • In the half-light his mind tricks would work more effectively, since the dusk was conducive to belief more than was high noon.
    • As dusk fell the quality of the music rose noticeably.
    • As dusk fell, the Gandhi Park grounds were set aglow as hundreds of candles were lit to commemorate the occasion.
    • As dusk fell, many gathered for a service of prayer on the beach.
    • As dusk falls their hemlines get higher, their V-lines lower, more revealing, vulgar.
    • As dusk fell only one had taken them up on the offer - the rest opting to remain in their homes or stay with relatives.
    • I fell in love with his home town, Aleppo, as soon as we arrived, weary in the dusk of a balmy, jasmine-scented evening.
    • When dusk fell, the serenity of the Mojave Desert swallowed the small city, reclaiming it to the still of the night.
    • Hours passed, the dusk of curfew crept, the body remained.
    • I have no idea where we went, except to say that it was probably east, and we walked two hours to a point and two hours back to the summit and then pitched our tent in the dusk.
    • The sun had set but the fields were soaked with light in the dusk.
    • Almost exactly 48 hours later, as the championship finished in the dusk on Sunday, we had the answer.
    • As he stood up against the fading light of the dusk, the hard trek was behind.