Translation of dusky in Spanish:


moreno, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdəski/ /ˈdʌski/

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adjective duskier, duskiest

  • 1 dated

    (complexion) moreno
    (person) moreno
    (person) de tez morena
    • One of my English correspondents has recently spent a couple of months in Indonesia and mentioned with approval the dusky maidens there.
    • I wandered about tripping over palm roots and bumping into dusky maidens in my fit of jet-lag and bliss, before falling asleep among the other bodies and bright cushions.
    • As a small crowd gathered to watch the dusky maiden play a few hands of blackjack, I asked one of the crowd whether she was a film-star or a Kiwi pop musician.
    • If there's a dusky maiden to rub on the sun oil, so much the better.
    • He was probably off to meet the dusky maiden when he returned to his chalet.
    • Back then, the question of water quality in the Huangpu or Suzhou Creek was not an issue and one can imagine tourists bathing in the dusky light on a summer evening before returning to the Astor for an evening meal, drinks and a dance.
    • The sun dips around 1am, there's a dusky twilight and then light again at 3am.
    • It was just getting dark as we walked along the riverside to the Taj and the dusky light falling over the Ouse added to the romance of the outing.
    • The light was becoming dusky so I decided that sidelights were probably the way to go.
    • When I came in the dusky light of early morning they were singing, and when I opened the door they jumped beneath the tables and onto counters, their narrow legs humming.
  • 2

    (of colour)
    (pink/brown) oscuro
    • It is similar to the outdoors Red Hot Poker but its colour, a dusky pink, is much less aggressive.
    • We are standing in a spacious kitchen painted a dusky pink colour that, were it a lipstick or nail varnish, would be called Plum Beautiful or Berry Sorbet.
    • This room is decorated in dusky pink colour with another sash window.
    • Dead muscle is dusky in colour, shows little tendency to bleed, and does not contract to forceps pressure.
    • The crunch leaves of autumn had shrivelled and the sun was a lazy, dusky peach colour.
    • Colour is important from dusky pastels through to the darkest hues.
    • Its paints are quite chalky, which gives a softness that means you could venture into greens or dusky reds without making the hallway feel dark.
    • Toulouse is known as La Ville Rouge (the red city) because of the dusky red hue of most buildings in the city centre; very pretty it is too.
    • She feels that Malayalis, with their dusky complexion, stand a good chance in modelling.
    • The lesions are bright to dusky red and reach up to 1.5 cm.
    • The old cafes are still local favorites, but now it's also possible to watch a dusky red sunset filtered through a mellow golden Chardonnay at several very good restaurants.
    • The flowers are big, bold and abundant, and they come in several colors - pinks, purples, dusky reds, white, pale green and even some yellows.
    • It's all dusky reds and yellows, shag-headed battle royales, exploding tanks, and getting up the next day to relive it on the playground.
    • The chipped off-white of the wall behind her stood out starkly against her unusual dusky complexion and tan-and-green attire.
    • The dusky red grass grew in abundance, thicker and shorter than before.
    • They were concerned about her dusky complexion and how that would affect her prospects in landing a good catch in the marriage market.
    • Walking slowly towards him in the dusky red twilight was the last man he really needed to see now.
    • Day was fast giving way to dusk as the sun quickly made its descent, leaving behind a sky full of dusky pinks and reds.
    • The colour combination of pale bill, dusky red tail, red on face and red under wings distinguishes the parrot from lorikeets.
    • Organic tones predominate - pond greens and dusky browns mixed with occasional violets and reds.