Translation of dust bowl in Spanish:

dust bowl


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    terreno semidesértico expuesto a la erosión causada por el viento
    • Huge flocks of sheep and goats in the northwest are stripping the land of its protective vegetation, creating a dust bowl on a scale not seen before.
    • In China, for instance, shrinking forests, deteriorating rangelands, eroding croplands, and falling water tables are converging to expand deserts and create a dust bowl of historic dimensions.
    • From the dust bowl of the Kalahari Desert to the flood plains of the Okavango Delta, Botswana is an untouched wilderness.
    • This was the rationale under which Los Angeles turned the bountiful Owens Valley into a high-desert dust bowl nearly a century ago.
    • Alt-country sees the desert as a melancholy dust bowl.
    • Add that to the fact that Tallil lies in a low river valley only a few feet above sea level and you've got a dust bowl that rivals the Oklahoma of old.
    • The frugality of the life, the hypnotically hard work of farming, the grimness of conditions during the dust bowl demanded an economy of words.
    • He says the downpour came at a critical time, after three parched months, which reduced the landscape to a dust bowl.
    • Henry's adventures take us through prohibition, the growth of the mob, the Wall Street crash, the Great Depression and, as Henry moves west, we hit the dust bowl, the world of migrant labour, of boxcar hobos and rural poverty.
    • But the other 65 minutes of this film are real-time depictions of this family's impoverished daily grind, and they create a narrative dust bowl that swallows up the good stuff.
    • Blues guitar melodies that overlook a dust bowl arise while tribal chants echo throughout, beckoning one out of slumber and tempting that person to crawl out his or her bedroom window to follow the sound.
    • The crisis was compounded by the influx of tens of thousands of ruined farmers from the Midwest dust bowl and unemployed workers from all over the US who had migrated to California in search of a better life.
    • Loose and stripped back, its 15 songs evoke the Los Angeles of the early '70s or the dust bowl of the '30s rather than the London of the '80s.
    • The American Midwest would be rendered a dust bowl.
    • Drainage and irrigation projects helped make the formerly verdant landscape a dust bowl by the 1930s.
    • They should be able to play on any surface, from the dust bowl of Ahmedabad to the zippy track at Durban to the spongy drop-ins at Hamilton.
    • For a long time, he stares down the main road of the dust bowl we're in, down toward the trailer park on the outskirts of town.
    • The sun was back and the drive through Rayalaseema, the dust bowl of India, was made bearable by the beauty of the rocks.
    • Around 13,000 people showed up for the four hour mega-countryfest, raising half a million dollars for farmers suffering the worst summer since the dust bowl years of the 1930s.
    • Depleted aquifers and drought coupled with over-plowing and overgrazing have deteriorated much of China's agricultural resources and turned the North China Plain into the world's largest dust bowl.