Translation of dust devil in Spanish:

dust devil

remolino de polvo, n.


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    remolino de polvo masculine
    tolvanera feminine
    • Since the electrified particles are in motion, and a magnetic field is just the result of moving electric charges, the dust devil generates a magnetic field also.
    • There was a large sighted dust devil and a barn in Maine damaged by a dust devil.
    • A furious gust of wind swirled around them and a dust devil appeared before them.
    • To me it looked more like a large dust devil (water devil in this case) than a tornado but the weather boffins know so I have no argument.
    • Raising his arms, the sky elf invoked a powerful dust devil with his magical control of the wind.
    • A dust devil whirls up on the street near us and reaches into the sky like a long forbidding finger.
    • Outside there was a bracing wind, whipping up a dust devil of crisp packets and cigarette wrappers.
    • I can see the winds and the thermals stirring up the dust in front of me, and I figure I just need to be flying from dust devil to dust devil.
    • This frozen, red planet should prove comparatively easy to explore compared to the ferocious conditions on Venus but, as Tom steps onto the surface, a dust devil, five times larger than anything on Earth, engulfs him.
    • We wait for months to see a dust devil and finally catch one and there's this big power boost within a day of it?
    • Ten kilometers out from goal I heard from Belinda that a dust devil had just come through the landing zone at goal wiping out a number of gliders, tossing them into the air for long rides before they were smashed up.
    • Spirit got an unscheduled spring-clean in March this year, when a dust devil swept past, clearing Martian sand from its solar panels, considerably improving its power output.
    • At the 45 mile mark I spotted a huge dust devil ahead.
    • In Voyage the dust devil merely sweeps by and we are told that the atmosphere is so thin on Mars that such mini-tornadoes do not pose much risk.
    • I was in a tornado as a boy and the LA tornados make me want to say ‘I was in a dust devil as a boy.’
    • A huge dust devil came up between the rocks (south facing launch), as Ralph was on launch.
    • I was desperate to find any lift, so when I spotted the dust devil, I headed right into it.
    • Dave was just going on final and I was low again about 25 kms short only to find myself staring at a dust devil just in front of me.
    • The dust devil is no longer there, but I'm thinking that the lift will be.
    • Later the skies filled in and a dustless dust devil came through lifting Neil's plane up and putting it on it's nose.