Translation of dustcart in Spanish:


camión de la basura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdəstkɑrt/ /ˈdʌs(t)kɑːt/


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    camión de la basura masculine
    • Buses, articulated lorries, dustcarts and family cars are all forced to mount it on a day-to-day basis, wrecking road surfaces, kerb stones and drains.
    • However, exceptions were made in Bushey Court, Avenue Road and Parkfield Avenue, as there were specific problems about access for emergency vehicles and service vehicles such as dustcarts that do not apply to the other roads.
    • It wants to integrate street cleaning and rubbish collection, so streets can be swept after dustcarts have been through.
    • Because the dustcarts come every night to pick up the rubbish left out by the restaurant and bar next to us, we also leave our refuse sacks out in the evenings to be collected along with everything else.
    • The money will be spent on extra dustcarts and employing more council bin men to implement the new rubbish collection regime.
    • A family man who died after being crushed between two dustcarts was laid to rest during a private funeral.
    • How many readers have stood at the top of a landfill site and watched the dustcarts tipping their day's load of rubbish?
    • While the dustcart crept through ‘two-bin Bassett,’ tipping load after load of tins, cartons, newspaper and cardboard into its interior, residents speculated on the pros and cons of the scheme, which sparked a storm of protest.
    • However, he misjudged the gap and the wing-mirror of the dustcart struck the 22-year-old cyclist on the head, at the same time as the wheel-arch collided with the cycle.
    • Each week the whistling dustman came down the back garden, hoisted the full dustbin on his shoulder, carried it up the garden and tipped the contents into the dustcart.
    • One of the binmen sacked after being reported for standing on the back of a dustcart, said he was made a scapegoat by the council and claims the practice is still going on.
    • When the grey wheelie bins are emptied fortnightly, will the contents of the bin be checked before it is emptied into the dustcart?
    • Then the dustcart didn't appear at all: it turned out to be the wrong Monday.
    • Dowd came to the rescue, however, when he managed to hitch a lift - in a dustcart.
    • I expect that it will take twice as long to empty the wheelie bins as it takes to throw dustbin bags onto the dustcart.
    • I thought it was a dustcart hitting the bridge, which has happened in the past.
    • When she spoke, he thought he heard bells, as if she were a dustcart reversing.
    • Within seconds of it being driven out of the delivery yard the driver was forced to stop behind a dustcart.
    • The Labour council broke off negotiations after the strikes last week, claiming that there had been violence at the depot where the strikebreaking dustcarts operate.
    • In view of the involvement of the dustcart I did consider that this was a case which the Health and Safety Executive may wish to investigate itself.