Traducción de dusty en español:


cubierto de polvo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdəsti/ /ˈdʌsti/

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adjetivo dustier, dustiest

  • 1

    (furniture) cubierto de polvo
    (road/plain/town) polvoriento
    to get dusty llenarse de polvo
    • The dusty road was covered with small rocks and it seemed to go straight up the side of the mountain.
    • There were two windows near the front door, and dusty, old blinds covered them so no light got in.
    • All of the tables and chairs were covered in dusty old sheets and blankets.
    • His ground floor office was much as you would expect - a dusty edifice full of old books and even older carpeting.
    • This script, dusty, dirty, covered with filth, is my most prized possession, my only companion.
    • They emerged in the dusty, cobwebbed cellar full of old crates and barrels.
    • I expected the attic to be dusty, and full of old stuff that wasn't used anymore, but it wasn't.
    • I cleaned the glass coffee table, dusted all the dusty spots, and then scrubbed the stove.
    • The fireplace is dusty inside and covered with the webs of spiders that made their homes in its corners.
    • I flew thousands of miles from somewhere hot and dusty to cover a story in a place where there was pain, grief, death and fear.
    • The box room at home quickly became a sound library and every available inch was taken up with dusty old records.
    • It was very dusty, and was covered in wood shavings, giving it a feel and smell like a high school shop classroom.
    • The dusty canvas that covered it was worn through in several places, leaving small holes in the fabric.
    • My closets are full of rolls of dusty concert posters in foreign languages.
    • Inside the tent it was dusty, somehow the dust was coming through the nylon.
    • Bagged cement is manufactured in a dusty environment and surface dust makes bags slippery.
    • The video ends with a view of the stove, dusty and full of ashes, where the ballots will be burned.
    • Off to the side of a dusty gravel road, a car plastered with election stickers begs the curious to stop.
    • As I glanced up a round, balding man was hurrying toward me, wiping his pale hands on a dusty apron.
    • On a return visit I noticed the spaces on the shelves had been refilled with more, equally dusty, bottles.
  • 2

    (of hue)
    • All of his clothes were colored to match the dusty hues of the sand on Malchishua.
    • Now the dusty beige surface of the mosque wall is nearly invisible under the black of death announcements.
    • In consequence the autumn colours are muted, just soft dusty yellows for the most part.
    • The ceiling arched up to a height of thirty meters, and the entire room was a pale, dusty cream colour.
    • I go back to the gate to eat my scone, which is a creepy dusty rose colour, and also just gross.
    • Remember, all-over dusty pink chiffon looks too flat, but teaming it with leaf green lifts it.
    • Light to medium shades of brunette would do well with mauve pinks or pinks that have a dusty or brown undertone.
    • She chose dusty pink color this time and faded that into a silver color.
    • Focusing on soft pastels, Smith also sent a compelling range of leather trousers in dusty pink and black down the catwalk.
    • The blooms of this variety are dusty pink on the back of the petals and greenish on the inside with pale, dull yellow stamens.
    • The strips of clouds around the glow were a dusty pink, the sky above the still dotted with fading stars.
    • Madame sighed and lifted the hem of her long, dusty rose pink dress out of the snow with her free hand.
    • She wore a vest like corset that was a darker pink with ribbon that crisscrossed in front showing the dusty pink top.
    • We all look at the huge dusty pink crayfish still wriggling their legs.
    • Her gown, once a dusty shade of pink, had been dirtied by the dust of the plunder and turned a faded brown.
    • She noticed that his skin was a pale, dusty white and his breath was shallow.
    • A houndstooth wool anchored the season, with touches of dusty rose and pale lemon.
    • Get close enough to see its pale and dusty blue bloom and you get a lovely whiff of the Mediterranean.
    • Keep it loose and wispy over dusty coloured, patterned dresses and skirts, or soft worn-in jeans.
    • He had a light complexion and dusty blonde hair that suggested he was from somewhere in Europe.