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holandés, adj.

Pronunciación /dətʃ/ /dʌtʃ/

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    holandés masculino
    • Yiddishisms occur in such languages as Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, and Spanish.
    • The official language is Dutch, which is spoken little in daily life.
    • He speaks six languages: Spanish, Italian, Dutch, English, French and Portuguese.
    • Soon, this section alone was widely circulated in Spanish, Latin, German, Dutch, French and English.
    • The voices you hear speak Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, French and English.
    • Many of the French settlers also knew Dutch, and both languages appear in early official documents.
    • The native language of Antwerp is Dutch, but most people also speak French, German and English.
    • French is essentially an attempt by the Dutch to speak a Romance language.
    • The language spoken in Flanders is Dutch, which is commonly called Flemish.
    • If you're worried about not speaking a word of Dutch, relax.
    • However, it also became very popular abroad and was translated into French, Dutch, and German.
    • And it's not limited to English - French, Dutch, Japanese, Welsh and others are covered too.
    • He also was the translator for many of the books he published, using his knowledge of French, Latin and Dutch.
    • The old and small generation of well-educated Indonesians who spoke Dutch is passing away.
    • The site provides versions of itself in Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch as well as English.
    • However, there are also traces of Celtic, Old French, Middle and High German, Dutch and even Romany.
    • Exports are going well, with games available in German, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic and Punjabi as well as English and French.
    • The Flemish, those residing in Flanders, the northern half of the country, speak Dutch.
    • The backlash persuaded his father to take a job in Holland, where Malcolm spent the first five years of his life learning Dutch as his first language.
    • Depending on the region, classes may be taught in either French, Dutch, or German.
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    the Dutch los holandeses
    • As British troops were withdrawn from the Netherlands, the Dutch and Austrians found themselves exposed to defeat.
    • The one point imposed by the Dutch on the Thais and greatly resented was the clause introducing extraterritoriality.
    • During the 16th century the area was occupied by the Portuguese, the British, and the Dutch.
    • Whe then Spanish had conquered the Dutch for over 400 years they left their mark racially and culturally.
    • This is a perfect example of the differences in colonial rule between the British and the Dutch.
    • Well Australia of course was known at least much of the western part to European eyes through the Dutch.
    • The result is a toleration of evil in Britain, which is now being shamed and exposed by comparison with the Dutch and Danes.
    • The French and Spanish already call their ships masculine and the Dutch and Germans consider them neuter.
    • The ceramics trade was very profitable for Asian and European traders, especially the Dutch.
    • The great slaving powers were the English, the French, the Portuguese and the Dutch.
    • European expansion started with the Portuguese, followed by the Spanish and the Dutch.
    • The only people who actually meet that target are the Scandinavian countries and the Dutch.
    • Both the Dutch and Indonesians also sold things on the black market, like cigarettes, alcohol and clothes.
    • Many of their children were later involved in the national struggle for independence against the Dutch.
    • He was an Englishman committed to his nation's titanic economic struggle against the Dutch.
    • Spain and Greece have been popular summer holiday destinations for the Dutch for many years.
    • An English trading post at Cormantine in west Africa was augmented by the seizure of Cape Coast Castle from the Dutch in 1664.
    • The first decades of the seventeenth century witnessed the collapse of much of the Portuguese empire in the East, to be replaced by the Dutch.
    • But already, they have caught up with the Dutch in their freefall into the moral abyss.
    • The Dutch gave Canada 1 million tulips in gratitude for the friendship displayed in the war.
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    my old dutch mi media naranja coloquial
    • Particularly when I tell them me and the old dutch live in the old folks' flats, yes the upstairs one, and their nice young men will have to carry the dead fridge (six feet high, etc.) down the stairs first.
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    to be in Dutch estar metido en un lío coloquial