Traducción de Dutch door en español:

Dutch door


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    puerta de dos paneles horizontales que se pueden abrir por separado
    • A Dutch door is a swinging door made in two parts.
    • She decked it out with family memorabilia-shutters from her parents' home, the brass letter A from their old retail store on the Dutch door, and the toy-size lantern that acts as a porch light, a remnant of her mother's childhood playhouse.
    • It can also still function as a garage thanks to a set of glass-paneled Dutch doors opening on the plywood-paneled office side.
    • The space is cozy too: It's equipped with big pillows and full-size chairs, plus windows that tilt open and a Dutch door to draw in cool afternoon breezes.
    • Farm touches like the Dutch door in the kitchen make this a cozy space.
    • The front of the house is embellished with a peaked roof, window boxes, shutters, and a Dutch door.
    • I followed James up the stairs and headed to the Dutch doors in the living room.
    • Examples include Dutch doors, which can be open, closed, or half open, and interior windows that can be curtained.
    • This was a little Dutch door, cut in half horizontally.
    • I gave up and ran to the Dutch door that read Pretty Boy.
    • ‘Get out,’ I said once more, pointing to the Dutch door that exited into the side yard.
    • Conceived as a Dutch door to nowhere, the work scissored out into the space it was intended to define, as though moving through a looking glass.
    • There is a side-yard where bands play in good weather under a big tree, but today that area is closed off behind the two-part Dutch door.