Translation of dutiful in Spanish:


consciente de sus deberes, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈd(j)udəfəl/ /ˈdjuːtɪfʊl/ /ˈdjuːtɪf(ə)l/


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    consciente de sus deberes
    • With Mimi he was expected to be neatly groomed, dutiful and obedient.
    • And the only women in the celestial kingdom will be those dutiful, obedient plural wives who are invited there by their husbands to serve them for all eternity.
    • I think somewhere you got this notion that a wife was dutiful and obedient.
    • Though striking a blow for Indian womanhood, Sharma remains a dutiful daughter in the traditional mould and still places great faith in arranged marriages.
    • Her Punjabi family's traditional ways, and their expectations of a dutiful daughter, alienate her.
    • Being the dutiful daughter, I offered them the spare room at my place until they got themselves sorted out.
    • ‘The undertaker suggested dutiful or loving daughter,’ David continued.
    • Here clients, characterized as ‘worthy wives and dutiful daughters,’ are portrayed as grateful and appreciative.
    • Some works are autobiographical, including a piece about a dutiful daughter who forsakes her own happiness to care for her mother.
    • But yet, being the dutiful daughter she was, she did fight their war for them.
    • As a still dutiful, if mature daughter, she still tried to placate rather than confront.
    • Those who know him describe him as a dutiful soldier, physically brave, conscientious and honest by local standards - but a man of limited vision.
    • It's an unlikely friendship: Andy is dutiful, responsible, endearingly stuffy, but caring and contemplative.
    • Given the contrast, are we to boast that our scribes are more dutiful, intelligent, responsible and wise in contributing to national strength and honour?
    • In theory, this is done routinely to encourage dutiful submission to authority.
    • Her brother was ever the dutiful doctor, responding to calls that come even in the oddest hour.
    • Yes folks its that time of year again, whereby as a dutiful parent I oblige my responsibility to dispense with two hours of valuable time to go and watch the Junior School Nativity play.
    • Vincent was a nice kid - loyal, dutiful and good-humored.
    • She tells him she will bring him to a home where she will be a faithful and dutiful servant to him, and that if this home reminds him of a home long lost, he should weep for it also.
    • The aristocratic families at the heart of the new scandals are not loyal and dutiful - they are vicious, greedy and spiteful.