Traducción de dutifully en español:


diligentemente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈd(j)udəfəli/ /ˈdjuːtɪf(ə)li/ /ˈdʒuːtɪf(ə)li/


  • 1

    • Instead, dutifully, I do my homework.
    • Dutifully and respectfully, he signs for each person, even until the wee hours of the morning if need be.
    • All of these aspects of Pemberley's business were handled efficiently and dutifully by her husband.
    • He conducted his diocesan visitations regularly and dutifully.
    • She dutifully attends sessions, where she prepares meals for her therapist.
    • Gus, a handsome, kind, but slightly slow lad, loves his father and dutifully follows his commands.
    • Frank and Buster dutifully flew their airplane between their homestead and the town, looking for people to help.
    • Despite her shock and outrage, she dutifully sticks by Frank's side as he sees a psychiatrist.
    • We go to Mass, receive the sacraments, and pray dutifully every day.
    • So during the war of independence, the Chilean rural population fought dutifully side by side with the local national elite against the Spanish army.