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dinámica, n.

Pronunciación /daɪˈnæmɪks/ /dʌɪˈnamɪks/

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    dinámica femenino
    • Events of DNA duplication were described in many eukaryote genomes, but are the duplication dynamics similar in all eukaryotes?
    • Do polyps of other cnidarian species have a tissue dynamics similar to that of hydra?
    • At Haverford College, I generally include an introduction to fluid dynamics in our undergraduate mechanics course.
    • The problem is, because of fluid dynamics, when the body is moving, the vestibular system generates erroneous cues about our orientation.
    • They are performing research in such advanced fields as computational fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, power electronics and composite materials.
    • Former Olympic bronze medal winner Wieger Mensonides studied mechanical engineering and uses his knowledge of fluid dynamics to prime the Dutch champion's technique.
    • To these defenders I mention the handling of pieces of art, foodstuffs, beverages, and host of other things involving mechanical dynamics.
    • Sysmex has developed a new methodology of cell growth dynamics based on C2P by using a proprietary chip-based multi-protein analysis.
    • These populations offer a unique opportunity to monitor evolutionary dynamics in ancestral populations that harbor multiple strains of Wolbachia.
    • The ratios of branch lengths provided a starting point to further probe the evolutionary dynamics at Chs and Adh by testing for correlations between the ij matrices.
    • Here, we use salamander pheromone delivery as a test case for dissecting the evolutionary dynamics at multiple levels in a functional complex.
    • This capacity may result in substantially different population and evolutionary dynamics than in organisms incapable of withdrawing from ongoing stress.
    • In pursuing our overall goal of a better characterization of the evolutionary dynamics at the molecular level, we had several objectives.
    • Glycophorins, however, have a rather different evolutionary dynamics than the immunoglobulins.
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    (forces for change)
    dinámica femenino
    • Economic development creates its own dynamics and tensions in the social and political spheres, which must be addressed.
    • As this history makes clear, a powerful set of internal dynamics drove the development of the European economy in the second half of the twentieth century.
    • The question is: given the current political dynamics and developments inside the party, what will happen now?
    • This is because these votes may well change the political dynamics within the conservative and liberal movements.
    • Social formations and political institutions are examined as they operate within their own dynamics as well as in relation to Europe and world capitalism.
    • By the Heisenberg principle, their participation has changed the dynamics and interests in the election process.
    • Hopefully, though, in the pages that follow I can shine some light on the dynamics at work in this crazy software development universe which we are lucky enough to call home.
    • Heal's many drawings show his devotion to this process, devising groupings to allow specific contrasts or emotional dynamics between works to emerge.
    • After speaking to the brothers Moffatt, you can really sense their distinct personalities and the dynamics between them.
    • We are all implicated in the social and cultural dynamics her work contests.
    • Clearly in many situations there are dynamics that hold people together that outsiders are just not privy to.
    • The competitive dynamics among siblings can have a profound effect on their growth and survival and, thereby, also on parental fitness.
    • Marx sharpened and deepened this concept, and then used it to explore capitalism's class relations and internal dynamics.
    • Listening to a sit-down debate changes the dynamics so I'm curious to hear what people thought.
    • Electoral politics are ultimately an expression of underlying cultural dynamics.
    • The setup is rather mechanical, but the dynamics of the relationship between Anna and William are sensitively explored.
    • And I fear that this result will set in motion dangerous dynamics that even the relatively young among us will be wrestling with and contending with for the rest of our lives.
    • The Fed ease that triggers the refinancing surge sets into motion the cumulative dynamics of an economic expansion.
    • Changes in money supply set in motion new dynamics that give rise to changes in demands for goods and to changes in their relative prices.
    • Once prices start falling it is held that this can set in motion very dangerous dynamics, which can lead to a severe economic slump.