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dinamita, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdaɪnəˌmaɪt/ /ˈdʌɪnəmʌɪt/

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    dinamita femenino
    • The builders of these bombs wouldn't have much trouble getting their hands on high explosives - dynamite is readily available, and TNT isn't too hard to come by.
    • For example, the material composition of dynamite makes possible its explosion when ignited.
    • About 10 masked men armed with rifles tied up two security guards and stole 66 sacks of ammonium nitrate, 58 sticks of dynamite and 170 fuses, police said.
    • Viewers also get to see what 700 sticks of dynamite and 3,000 gallons of gasoline in plastic garbage cans look like before they explode.
    • This ‘ammonium nitrate-fuel oil’ or ANFO explosive has replaced dynamite as the explosive of choice for many peacetime uses.
    • With more firepower than 10 ½ sticks of dynamite, it is the king of fireworks.
    • Sixty sticks of dynamite were found, plus pipe bombs, a live anti-tank shell and stolen student ID cards from campuses across the country.
    • Gas vapors are incredibly explosive - one cup of evaporated gas is equal to four sticks of dynamite!
    • The jury also heard how he received a text message showing fizzing sticks of dynamite just hours after one of the bombs went off.
    • Nitroglycerin makes up about 75% of the materials used in the manufacture of dynamite.
    • In 1867 he patented this material under the name dynamite.
    • Throwing sticks of dynamite and rocks, the demonstrators have confronted riot police using tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon.
    • When they were tied he set several sticks of dynamite under their chairs and rigged fuse leading to outside.
    • The chemical engineer who has 32 years of experience in flammable and explosive material said damage from that amount of dynamite could be devastating.
    • A man landed in court for fishing with dynamite in the Finke River near Glen Helen.
    • This is one of the most explosive chemical mixtures known to man, the stuff that makes dynamite blow.
    • Like a distant boom, as if someone was blasting dynamite miles away.
    • It is unlikely that a sale of dynamite over the counter is permissible without compliance with some further bureaucratic procedures.
    • The Laps planned to use dynamite to blast a hole into the ice quickly.
    • When Nobel invented dynamite, he thought it was a fantastically helpful thing to be used in mining.
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    (source of trouble, scandal)
    these latest disclosures are political dynamite estas nuevas revelaciones son políticamente explosivas
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    (sb, sth wonderful)
    his new record is really dynamite su nuevo disco es realmente sensacional
    • He told a crowd outside the Santa Maria courtroom: ‘There is some dynamite stuff on these tapes.’
    • You can count on some dynamite protest music, spoken in many tongues.
    • Is that Lola Falana one dynamite singer, or what?
    • Catalogs provide some dynamite information on good varieties.
    • Darius is a punishing hitter who provides dynamite run support.
    • Will provided me with a copy of the chapter concerning the interview, and let me just say that it's absolutely jaw-dropping, dynamite stuff.
    • She wrote in her autobiography that The Manchurian Candidate was ‘a dynamite film,’ though she had worried about working with Frank Sinatra.
    • Who loves quiet conversations about feelings or ideas, and can give a dynamite presentation to a big audience, but seems awkward in groups and maladroit at small talk?
    • I could see how the flavors - especially the apple pie spices - could make for some really dynamite caramel corn.
    • The actor, as a restrained Reverend, puts in a dynamite performance, in contrast to his over the top roles in several recent films.
    • It's a dynamite article, whether you saw the movie or not.
    • And now we turn it over to my esteemed colleague, who did a dynamite job last night anchoring in a very difficult situation.
    • It would be the dream location for young kids and older players through the Greater Toronto area, a dynamite rink for the larger city in the heart of the downtown.
    • Again, the special is heaps of food: chicken udon with a dynamite roll of sushi and a lovely piece of salmon for $8.95.
    • On Friday night, The Rankins were the headline performers, and they put on a dynamite show for 8,000 delighted people.
    • The analysis of the collective psychological errancy of that time combined with the footage was a dynamite commentary on what went wrong.
    • Just think of all the dynamite department store options in women's sizes.
    • All things being equal, I think he would be a dynamite addition to the ticket.
    • Accompanied by Flipside, whose rhymes are always slick and savvy, the two performed a dynamite set.
    • Not that it's a stinker, I just didn't think it was all that great, which is a shame as it has a dynamite cast.

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